Trading Sequence of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

In order to get the Noble Sword, the best sword available in Oracle of Ages (without password-linking with Oracle of Seasons), you must complete a long trading sequence that involves many characters throughout the land of Labrynna. This guide will tell you who you should trade each item with, and when, in order to get the Noble Sword.


[edit] Poe Clock

  • In the present, push a tombstone in Yoll Graveyard back to find a friendly ghost inside. Talk to him to recieve the Poe Clock.

[edit] Stationery

  • Give the Poe Clock to the Postman in Lynna City (Past) to recieve the Stationery.

[edit] Stink Bag

  • In the western area of Lynna Village (past) is a small house. Inside, a hand will reach out of the floor and request paper. Give him the stationery to recieve the Stink Bag.

[edit] Tasty Meat

  • In the southeastern area of Crescent Island in the present is a Tokay chef who lost his sense of smell. Use the Stink Bag on him to make him give you the Tasty Meat in gratitude.

[edit] Doggie's Mask

  • On the way to Talus Peaks in the present is the Happy Mask Shop. Go inside and give the shop owner the Tasty Meat to recieve the Doggie's Mask.

[edit] Dumbbell

  • Talk to Mamamu Yan (the dog lady) in Lynna City to exchange the Doggie's Mask for the Dumbbell.

[edit] Cheesy Mustache

  • In the past in the basement of the large house in Symettry Village is a skinny man who wants to bulk up. Give him the Dumbbell and he'll rip off his mustache and give it to you.

[edit] Funny Joke

  • Go to Lynna City and talk to the comedian in the present. He'll teach you his funniest joke in exchange for the cheesy mustache.

[edit] Touching Book

  • In Lynna Village (past) is a depressed child (Dekadin) in a dark house. Tell him the Funny Joke to recieve the Touching Book.

[edit] Magic Oar

  • Run into Mable in either the past or present after obtaining the Touching Book. She'll give you the Magic Oar.

[edit] Sea Ukulele

  • Take the Magic Oar to Rafton's House south of Lynna Village (past). He'll give you the Sea Ukulele.

[edit] Broken Sword

  • Southeast of Lynna Village over a gap (which needs to be cleared with the Switch/Long Hook) is a cave. Inside is an Old Zora who longs for the Sea. The Sea Ukelele will fill this desire, and he'll give you the broken sword.

[edit] Noble Sword!

  • Go to Patch's Cave in the past at the top of Restoration Wall (the same place you went earlier to fix the Nut for Symmetry Village earlier). Complete his ceremony to recieve the Noble Sword!

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