The timeline is something of particular debate in the series, some don't beleive in it, some choose to ignore it as it's too complicated others commit alot of time trying to make sense of it.

The only thing that's known for sure is that there's a split, the young timeline and the old timeline, splitting right after OoT, Wind Waker follows the adult, and Twilight Princess follows the young, Ganondorf being executed after Link explains Ganondorf's plan to the king. There is a timeline theory that is very popular on youtube, however it is wrong on several accounts:

  • Firstly, it is out of date
  • Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages take place right after eachother in no particular order, determined by which the player beats first and uses the code system on afterwards, also this game must either come right after Twilight Princess or Zelda II.
  • Minish Cap coming first in the series is possible but if another Zelda comes out where Link loses his hat during the events of which, it would place this game somewhere else.
  • This video tries to put Link's awakening after Majora's Mask, the reasoning for which makes no sence as it has been confirmed that MM takes place in an alternate universe.
  • There are several reasons that Link in OoT can't be the Link in the original Zelda.
  • The original 4 swords is left out, this game has evidence that Minish Cap may come after OoT.

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