Thrill Digger


Thrill Digger
Objective: Collect Rupees
Owner: Mr. Tubert
Location: Eldin Valcano

Thrill Digger is a mini-game found in Eldin Valcano in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a minesweeper-related game in the sense that Link must dig up Rupees and avoid unearthing bombs.

There are three levels of difficulties: Bigginer, Intermediate and Expert. The size of the board, the amount of Rupees and the cost of the game all increase with increased difficulty.

When Link either digs up all the Rupees or discovers a bomb, the game will end. Link will obtain all the Rupees that he has collected, as well as an additional prize if he acquires all the rupees without finding any bombs.

The following list provides the spots within the surrounding eight will house a bomb:

Green Rupee: 0 spots Blue Rupee: 1-2 spots Red Rupee: 3-4 spots Silver Rupee: 5-6 spots Gold Rupee: 7-8 spots

[edit] Trivia

  • Should Link run low on health, a seat is provided near Mr. Tubert to regenerate your health. The option to talk with Mr. Tubert is also allowed.
  • A Mogma behind the game area will provide hints towards the areas of bombs around certain Rupees, but only if Link pays 20 Rupees.
  • A Gossip Stone near the entrance will provide information on the reward Link can get if he achieves completion.

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