The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons
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North American BoxArt

Release Date May 2001
Platform GameBoy Color
Rating E
Genre Action-Adventure
Publisher Nintendo

Released in May 2001, Oracle of Seasons is one half of the Oracle series on GameBoy Color (the other game being Oracle of Ages, which came out the same day). The two games are very similar, and are linked in many ways, and gamers who own both games were able to connect their adventure across both games to reach new items, new events, and the final battle of the Oracle series.


[edit] Characters

There are many characters in the world of Holodrum. This guide will list and describe some of the main characters Link will encounter as he journeys to save the Oracle of Seasons:

[edit] Bosses

Oracle of Seasons offers a wide array of diverse and challenging bosses. This guide will tell you how to defeat all of the bosses you will have to face:

[edit] Items

There are many unique items found in Oracle of Seasons. This guide will give you a look at what each of these items do, and where they can be found.

[edit] Trading Sequence

To obtain the Noble Sword, Link must first undergo a series of trading events with other characters who inhabit Holodrum.

[edit] Heart Pieces

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