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Tetra is about 14 years old and the crude and domineering leader of a band of pirates, who she sails around with on her ship out on the Great Sea. It is later revealed in The Wind Waker that she is actually Princess Zelda, and she possesses the Triforce of Wisdom. Ganondorf wanted all three pieces of the Triforce, so he sent the Helmaroc King after her. Unfortunately for him, the gigantic bird wasn't very smart, and ends up retrieving every pointy-eared girl it can find. Once the Helmaroc King finally snatches Tetra away, it is shot down by the pirates near Outset Island in the beginning of the game. Tetra is dropped into the forest on top of the island, and Link is very concerned. He goes to Orca, who then gives him a sword, allowing him to go and save Tetra. However, once Tetra and Link exit the forest, the Helmaroc King comes back and grabs Aryll instead. Tetra is unaffected by the situation, but when Quill butts in makes her feel guilty, Tetra offers Link a ride to the Forsaken Fortress to save his sister.

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