The slingshot is a tool that allows you to shoot far away objects with various types of seeds, which can usually be acquired by defeating Deku Babas, smashing pumpkins, finding them in chests, or simply purchasing them from your local store. The power and range of the Slingshot is not very good, so when shooting at far distances, the seed's path may curve downwards, forcing you to aim a bit higher than your intended target. Compared to the Bow, however, this tool is obsolete, as it is completely unaffected by the previously mentioned problem.

[edit] Skyward Sword

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Slingshot is retrieved by Bucha, the elder of the Kikwi tribe in Faron Woods. This is the first item given to Link besides that traditional sword and shield and will be essential for the progression of the game.

To get the slingshot, Link must use his Dowsing technique given to him by the Goddess Sword and recover the remainding Kikwis whom are being attacked by the recent invasion of Bokoblins, among other foul creatures. Bucha will bestow the slingshot to Link once he knows his tribe is safe.

You can take your Slingshot to Gondo to upgrade it into the Scattershot that, when fully charged, can send multiple seeds at once through a wide area.

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