The Mirror Shield, as seen in Wind Waker

The shield is a recurring item in the The Legend of Zelda series, appearing in every main game in the series. The shields used across the games allow Link to block many enemy attacks to avoid taking damage. Other uses for the shield have been used in the games, such as reflecting light and absorbing magic attacks via the Mirror Shield, or bouncing off rocks from nearby Octoroks.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword introduced durability for the shield, forcing players to not stay on the defensive side of a battle at the risk of having your shield be destroyed. Although this is the first Legend of Zelda game to have shields break through a durability meter, this is not the first game to use the concept of losing your shield. Starting from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, wooden shields would be burned on contact of fire, and bought shields could be eaten by Like-Likes.


[edit] Hylian Shield

[edit] Ocarina of Time

The Hylian Shield in Ocarina of time can be purchased from the Market's Bazaar for 60 Rupees (with the discount from the Keaton Mask Guard). The original price is 80 Rupees. Young Link will need this shield to safely cross Death Mountain, as he is too small to be able to hold anywhere but his back. After turning into Adult Link, he is able to hold it next to his sword. Unlike the Deku Shield, this shield will not burn, but will be vulnerable to be eaten by Like-Likes.

[edit] Skyward Sword

After learning a part from the Song of the Hero from Lanayru, speak to him again and he will offer to let you replay any boss fight you've already done, or replay any Silent Realm you've done.

After defeating 8 bosses in "Boss Rush Mode," he will offer you the Hylian Shield (he refers to it as an absurdly durable shield) as a reward.

The Hylian Shield is immune to any hazard and is completely indestructible.

[edit] Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield a seen in Ocarina of Time.

The mirror shield is a highly polished metal shield that reflects and concentrates bright light, and also enemy attacks.

[edit] Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time. It is obtained in the Spirit Temple as Adult Link, and is necessary to defeat Twinrova. The Mirror Shield cannot be eaten by a Like-Like. Its design of a crescent moon and star were removed in later versions of the game.

[edit] Majora's Mask

The Mirror Shield is obtained after finishing the mini-dungeon maze at the bottom of the well in Ikana. It is able to reflect light that can immediately kill Gibdos, remove Sun Blocks, and scare away Igos Du Ikana and his servants. The design on the shield is a face, presumably in agony.

[edit] Wind Waker

This shield, found within the Earth Temple can reflect light much like Medli's harp, solidify Poes, break down certain walls, and turn dark Chus into stone.

[edit] Shields in Skyward Sword

With the introduction of shield durability, there is also the introduction of many kinds of shields, each with their own line of upgrades at Gondo's Scrap Shop in the Bazaar. Each upgrade will only increase the durability of the shield being upgraded, no added effects will be implemented.

[edit] Wooden Shield

The Wooden Shield is the first shield available and can be bought as soon as the Bazaar in Skyloft is open for the price of 50 Rupees. Though, being the first shield, it is also the weakest. Alternatively, speaking to Instructor Owlan before leaving Skylodt will result in him giving you a free wooden shield. Every shield is this line is resistant to electric attacks, but will immediately burn when in contact with fire or lava.

The Wooden Shield can only be upgraded in the Scrap Shop twice.

[edit] Banded Shield

The Banded Shield is the first upgrade in the Wooden Shield's line. To upgrade, speak to Gondo in the Bazaar, and you will be able to upgrade to the banded shield if you have:

  • 50 Rupees
  • 1 Monster Claw
  • 2 Amber Relics
  • 1 Jelly Blob

[edit] Braced Shield

The final shield in the Wooden Shield line is the Braced Shield, with even higher durability. Its requirements to upgrade are:

  • 50 Rupees
  • 2 Monster Claws
  • 1 Ornamental Skull
  • 3 Amber Relics
  • 2 Tumbleweed

[edit] Iron Shield

After completing the Skyview Temple, the Iron Shield will be available for purchase at the Bazaar for 100 Rupees. This shield is stronger than the Wooden Shield, and will take more damage before breaking.

The Iron Shield and its line of upgrades are all resistant to being burned in fire, but are vulnerable to electricity.

[edit] Reinforced Shield

Take the Iron Shield to Gondo to upgrade to the Reinforced Shield.


  • 50 Rupees
  • 2 Monster Claws
  • 2 Eldin Ore
  • 2 Ornamental Skulls

[edit] Fortified Shield

The Reinforced Shield can further be upgraded to the final variation in this line, the Fortified Shield.


  • 100 Rupees
  • 3 Monster Claws
  • 3 Eldin Ore
  • 3 Tumbleweed
  • 1 Blue Bird Feather

[edit] Sacred Shield

After defeating The Imprisoned following the events at the Temple of Time, the Sacred Shield will be available at the Bazaar for 500 Rupees.

The Sacred Shield and its upgrades are all resistant to fire, electricity, and also immune to curse. Although it is very fragile and breaks easily, the Sacred Shield has the ability of slowly fixing itself over time.

[edit] Divine Shield

Take the Sacred Shield to Gondo to upgrade to the Divine Shield.


  • 100 Rupees
  • 2 Bird Feathers
  • 1 Dusk Relic
  • 3 Ornamental Skulls

[edit] Goddess Shield

Take the Divine Shield to Gondo to upgrade to the final variation of the Sacred Shield, the Goddess Shield.


  • 150 Rupees
  • 3 Bird Feathers
  • 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • 4 Dusk Relics
  • 3 Monster Claws

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