Seed Satchel


Given to you by the Maku Tree in the present for saving it in the past early in the game, the Seed Satchel holds the various seeds you collect:


[edit] Ember Seeds

  • Ember Seeds can be used to burn trees and light torches.

[edit] Gale Seeds

  • Gale Seeds allow you to warp to various trees located across the world map.

[edit] Mystery Seeds

  • Mystery Seeds have many different uses. Queen Ambi is looking for them early in the game, and if you give them to her, she'll give you the Bombs as a reward. They can be also used to speak with the owl statues located across the game.

[edit] Pegasus Seeds

  • The Pegasus Seeds allow you to run fast for a certain amount of time. Think temporary Pegasus Boots.

[edit] Scent Seeds

  • These can be used to attract certain enemies.

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