Secrets of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

There are a few Heart and Magic Containers hidden throughout the game. They increase your health and magic respectively.

[edit] Heart Containers

  • Go to the Parapa Desert and find a trail leading South. That will take you to a forest which will contain a Heart Container.
  • Go South of Rauru Town and destroy the 2 boulders blocking your way to a cave. In the cave is a Heart Container.
  • Go North of Ocean Palace and there will be a small island with a Heart Container.
  • Go to the eastern border of the desert where the hidden palace is located to find the Heart Container.

[edit] Magic Containers

  • Go to the cave south of where you start out to find a Magic Container.
  • In the area where you obtain the hammer, there is a rock nearby that sorda looks like a hole. Hammer at that, and it will reveal a hole that leads to a Magic Container.
  • While in the maze, go as far left as you can possibly go, and you will fall into a hole. The hole leads to a Magic Container.
  • You need all of the other magic containers to obtain this one. Go to the second house in New Kasuto, and talk to the women outside of the house. Once inside her house, you will have to follow the path to get the last Magic Container.
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