Saria is a green-haired Kokiri girl who befriended Link while he was growing up in Kokiri Forest. She originally appeared in Ocarina of Time She gives Link the Fairy Ocarina, Link's first instrument in Ocarina Of Time, as a memento of their friendship as he leaves Kokiri Forest for Hyrule Castle. She later teaches him 'Saria's Song', the magical powers of which enable Link to communicate with her from afar. When Link returns as an adult, he contacts Saria with the ocarina. She explained that the forest spirits were calling out to her from the Forest Temple. When she went to investigate, evil spirits and monsters imprisoned her. Link rescues her after defeating the four Poe Sisters and Phantom Ganon. Saria is awakened as the Forest Sage and gives Link the Forest Medallion.

In the game, Saria is one of only three Kokiri to enter the Lost Woods (the other two being Mido and Fado). The Kokiri children admired Saria for her kindness and for being the only one of her people to thoroughly navigate the Lost Woods. The Kokiri did not know she was a Sage, which may have guarded her from danger while traveling alone in the woods. Saria's favorite place in the entire forest was the Sacred Forest Meadow. When Link is an adult, he finds Mido in the Lost Woods, who comments that Saria had a secret love interest in Link.

Saria shares her name with the town of Saria in The Adventure of Link.


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