First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Territory Skyloft
Important Members Mia

Remlits are a race of Cat-Like creatures that inhabit Skyloft. They are extremely friendly during the day but come night they're feral beings who will attack Link upon sight. Link may use his shield to stun a Remlit or beat it with his sword until they retreat to a further distance. It is impossible to physically beat a Remlit, but Link can pick one up and throw them into the water or off Skyloft. It is said that with their ears, Remlits can float back on to the surface of Skyloft.

The only known Remlit is Mia, Gaepora's Remlit that Link is asked to find early in the game. Mia can be seen in Gaepora's room often and then disappears during the night like the others of Skyloft.

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