Recurring weapons and items from The Legend of Zelda series


[edit] Recurring Weapons from The Legend of Zelda Series

Here are a few of the recurring weapons from The Legend of Zelda Series.

[edit] Master Sword


The master sword, otherwise known as the blade of evils bane, pops up in multiple games. The most famous is in Orcarina of Time, where Link uses it to travel back and forth between time. For more information we have a detailed Master Sword wiki page that you can read and help improve. It is Link's signature weapon in most of the Zelda games.

[edit] Bow & Arrow


The bow and shows up in many of the Zelda games. It' allows the player to target enemies too far for the sword to hit. It also can be used to activate things. The Bow & Arrow usually are aqcuired later on in the gameplay.

[edit] Boomerang


The Boomerang allows you to hit multiple targets at once, after aiming at them. This weapons shows up in several games.

[edit] Sling Shot


The Sling Shot is basically there to help the player make himself able to use the Bow & Arrow better earlier in the game

[edit] Canes/Rods/Staffs


The Zelda games have some unique Canes/Rods/Staffs that can be gotten. Some flip stuff over. Some set things on fire and some are just to swing around with.

[edit] Bombs


Bombs are a classic in the Zelda games, due to there usefulness. They allow Link to blow up object he just can't break with his own strength.

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