Pictograph Box


The Pictograph Box is featured in the following games:

[edit] Majora's Mask

Anyone can use this camera. Talk to the man in the Information Hut in the Southern Swamp. You can only save 1 photo at a time, but you can shoot as many pictures as you want.

[edit] Wind Waker

In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Link finds the Picto Box by freeing Tingle from his jail cell on Windfall Island and entering a tunnel there. With it, you can take up to three black-and-white pictures and carry them with you. Pictographs are used for several side quests in the game, and by completing Lenzo, the Pictograph master's tasks he can bring a Forest Firefly to Lenzo to have him upgrade Link's Picto Box to record pictures in color. Forest Fireflies can be found in the Forest Haven, and the upgraded Picto Box is called the Deluxe Picto Box.

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