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The picto box is an item in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker that lets you take up to 3 photographs, or pictographs, as they are called in the game. It can only take black and white pictures, but it can be upgraded to take color ones later in the game. Many people on Windfall Island will ask you to take certain pictographs for them, including Lenzo the pictographer. The deluxe picto box is also necessary to complete the Nintendo Gallery.


[edit] Acquiring the Picto Box

  1. If you haven't already, purchase the sail from Zunari on Windfall Island.
  2. Go to the center of town and enter the building with a Picto box sign on the front, right by the steps down to Zunari's shop.
  3. Talk to the man inside, Lenzo, and he will speak you about someone who stole his picto box.
  4. Go to the jail, near Tott the disco dancer, and break the pots inside to find the switch to set Tingle free.
  5. Move the large crate in his cell to the side and crawl into the hole.
  6. Get through the maze to find a small room with a chest in it. Read the stones in the room, and get the picto box from the chest. [See here for a map of the maze.]

[edit] Acquiring the Deluxe Picto Box

You will need:

Speak to Lenzo again, and he will ask you to take pictographs of specific situations. Remember, these must be taken during the day.

[edit] Mission 1: Love Letter

Go to the mail box near the dock, and back up far away enough so that you don't look suspicious. Try to get a side view. Wait for a minute or two, and a man in red overalls will come by to mail a letter. Snap the photo right as he drops it in, then bring it back to Lenzo.

[edit] Mission 2: Pot Head

Go to the cafe, up the stairs by Zunari's shop, and throw a pot at the man sitting at the table. Take a pictograph of him as he shakes in fear and show it to Lenzo.

[edit] Mission 3: Love Connection

Go to the middle of the town, and get a side view of the woman in the orange dress. Wait until the man that walks around town comes by and looks at her, and take the picture while they stare into each other's eyes.

Once you have done those, go to the inside of the Forest Haven where the Great Deku Tree is, and keep swiping your bottle at bright colorful fireflies. Once you catch one, go back to Lenzo and he will use it to create the deluxe picto box!

[edit] Deluxe Picto Box Missions

There are plenty of people around town that require color pictographs, and are willing to give out some valuable items for them.

[edit] Kamo's Dilemma

Kamo is the depressed man who sits on the stairs near the potion shop all day. Speak to him after acquiring the deluxe picto box, and he should ask you to find something that is pale and round, take a picture of it, and show it to him. The object he is looking for is the full moon, but it only appears on certain nights. If you haven't already, learn the Song of Passing from Tott so you can skip ahead to each night until the full moon is out. Once you have photographed the moon, present it to Kamo for Treasure Chart #31!

[edit] Link the Matchmaker

Remember the shy couple that you had to snap a picture of earlier? Well now it's time to help them get together, using the magic of pictography! Talk to the girl in the orange dress, Linda, about her crush on Anton. She will ask you to take a picture of her and show it to him. Go speak to Linda again, and she will say something about her date with Anton tomorrow. Use the Song of Passing again to skip to the next day, and then go talk the two lovebirds at the cafe above Zunari's shop. They will thank you for your efforts with a Piece of Heart!

[edit] Beauty Queen

Go over to the potion shop and speak to Minenco. She is obsessed with her looks, and wants to see herself. Take her pictograph and show it to her. She will give you Treasure Chart #33 as thanks.

[edit] Lenzo's Lover

Pompie and Vera are always gossiping together near Zunari's shop, and this time, it is about Lenzo's girlfriend, and it's your job to snap a photo of them together. To do this, you will need to activate the windmill to access Lenzo's back entrance. First, use your Wind Waker to make the wind face Northeast, then go up the steps from near the shop (not the cafe steps) and take a sharp left turn onto the ledge. Continue along it until you find a ladder, then climb up and hit the switch to start the windmill. Go into Salvatore's building from the center of town and head up the steps. Go outside and jump onto the the windmill. When that is finished, jump over to a small deck on the second story of Lenzo's building and step inside. Grab the treasure from the chests, then crawl through the hole. You will end up on the stairway. Walk downstairs to see Minenco talking to Lenzo about the joys of pictography! Snap a photo and bring it back to Pompie and Vera. Out of appreciation, these two will offer you a Treasure Chart!

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