Old Man

The Old Man from The Legend of Zelda is quite the mysterious fellow. However, he is quite helpful. He will give you items and hints throughout the game.

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[edit] Quotes

During the game, the Old Man will give you hints that will help you on your quest. Here are some quotes in case you may have missed any, or are simply showing a general interest:

  • Dungeon One
    • "Eastmost penninsula is the secret." ("peninsula" is spelt wrong in the game)
  • Dungeon Two
    • "Dodongo dislikes smoke."
  • Dungeon Three
    • "Did you get the sword from the Old Man on top of the waterfall?" (this quote leads some to believe there is in fact more than one Old Man rather than a super being that can be in several different places at once)
  • Dungeon Four
    • "Walk into the waterfall."
  • Dungeon Five
    • "Digdogger hates certain kind of sound."
  • Dungeon Six
    • "Aim at the eyes of Gohma." "There are secrets where fairies don't live."
  • Dungeon Seven
    • "There's a secret in the tip of the nose."
  • Dungeon Eight
    • "Spectacle Rock is an entrance to death." "10th enemy has the bomb."

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