An Octorok
Octoroks are the only Zelda enemy to appear in every single Zelda title (the exception being Twilight Princess), a fact acknowledged by Carlov's figurines in both Wind Waker and The Minish Cap.

These enemies usually take but one hit to defeat and thus are very easy, in the original Zelda they were red and would walk around in random directions occasionally spitting rocks, they also had a blue variant which took two hits with the wooden sword to defeat. Zelda II had them appear mostly in caves or swamps, they'd spit their rocks which would break if they touched Link's shield, sometimes they'd jump to spit a rock, they had another alternate colour with more health (the kind found in swamps). A Link to the Past had them smaller but faster and more aggressive than in the original Zelda, they'd have varying movements from spinning, constantly shooting rocks to running at high speeds before shooting up to three rocks, in the dark world they were replaced by Moblins, curiously this game contains a unique version of the Octorok, the balloon-Octo, when approached it would pop making tiny Octoroks go everywhere, some believe this is the way Octoroks reproduce. Link's Awakening, along with the Oracle games, were like their original incarnation but with better graphics (aside from being black and white). Ocarina of Time had them take on a squid like appearance, popping out of the water one hit would defeat them instantly, it was quickest and wisest just to reflect their rocks back at them with your shield, a sub-boss called Big-octo also appeared, beta shots showed them look like their classic appearance, varying in size but their attack methods were unknown. Majora's Mask and Wind Waker followed in Ocarina's footsteps but in Wind Waker they were alot more common due to the increased amount of water, Majora's Mask had two Big-octi but neither were bosses and you mearly had to slam a boat into them to defeat them (however other methods worked later in the game). Minish Cap had them like their originals only with much better graphics and smaller size. Four Sword adventures they were slowed down version of a Link to the Past Octoroks but with Minish Cap's appearance, a Big-Octo appeared in this game but based on the land form, it was also a regular boss, technically it was a normal Octorok and Link was just tiny. Phantom Hourglass had them almost exactly the same as a Link to the Past, incidentally this is the first 3D Zelda to have them in their land or 'classic' appearance, the sea ones also appear when on the ocean, spitting bombs as the ones on the Ocean in Wind Waker did.

[edit] Trivia

  • An 8-bit Octorok appears on the bag of the Nintendo Gallery fan
  • Octoroks have a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • In the awful CD-i Zelda 'Faces of Evil' Link states he's hungry enough to eat an Octorok, this scene and several others in the CD-i Zeldas are very popular on youtube

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