Obstacles of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

There are several types of obstacles in Four Swords Adventures. Many of them are different types of Blocks and switches, here are some tips for figuring them out.

[edit] Blocks

  • Small Blocks: A movable square that is about as big as Link.
  • Colored Blocks: The color of the block indicates which Link has to push it. For example, if a block is colored green, that means that Green Link is the only one that can move it.
  • Large Blocks: These blocks need to be pushed by all four Links.

[edit] Other Obstacles

  • Item Podium: Stores an item that Link can carry.
  • Levers: Pull the lever back; sometimes there are multiple levers that have to be pulled simultaneously.
  • Locks: Permits the four Links from entering a room, use a small key to open them.
  • Moon Gate: A portal to the Dark World, needs to be activated by a moon pearl.

[edit] Switches

  • Foot Switches: Stand on them and it will cause something else to happen.
  • Big Switches: Get into Box formation to press down this switch.
  • Crystal Switch: When hit by a boomerang or an arrow the switch will activate something.
  • Switch Platform: Step on a switch to tell the platform to travel that way.

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