Mountain Minish

Mountain Minish are a special type of Minish from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

A Mountain Minish.

These Minish typically dwell near the top of Mount Crenel, and guard the entrance to the mines and the element you must retrieve. They are excellent smiths, and are happy to be able to fix the broken Picori Blade in your possession when you arrive. They are led by the elder Melari, the best smith of them all. They spend a lot of their time mining and crafting metal objects. They were once a part of the Forest Minish, but broke off to work the mines. Having only 8 members, they are the smallest branch of the Minish.

They heartily sing their special song, The Ting Tong Song, as they work. It fills them full of energy and seems to be a source of pride for them as the each proclaim that it can only be sung by "full-grown mountain men".

Link must first visit them in his quest to have the Picori Blade repaired however, it has lost all its power so Melari tells Link to search the mines for the Fire Element. They forge the broken blade into the White Sword and send Link towards the Elemental Sanctuary to imbue his blade with the power of the Earth Element and Fire Element in his possession.

The Mountain Minish Figurine

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