A Mogma creature
First Appearance Skyward Sword
Territory Eldin Province
Important Members Ledd

The Mogma are a species introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are introduced relatively early into the game, first being found in the Eldin Province. They live underneath the ground, usually coming up only to speak to those who live on the surface. Very rarely are they seen just hanging out above the surface.

[edit] Appearances

Their first appearance is when Link begins to journey into the Eldin Volcano. He is stopped by two Mogmas, one being the treasure-hunter Ledd. They warn him that the volcano is currently under attack by red creatures (later seen to be the Red Bokoblins), and that he shouldn't go any further unless he's properly appeared. They also inform him that a young lady has been traveling through the area, who Link assumes to be Zelda.

They are seen more and more as Link travels through the Eldin Province. With their help, Link learns about Bomb Flowers, and he learns of a mysterious woman dressed in black clothing (who is later learned to be Zelda's other guardian sent by the Goddess, Impa) and of her incredible acrobatic talent. With the help of the Mogmas, Link makes it through the volcano.

[edit] Items

The Mogmas provide different items as Link helps them. Ledd provides Link with a Bomb Bag, which allows him to progress through the Earth Temple after Link gets it back from a group of Red Bokoblins that stole it from Ledd. Ledd's partner gives him the Digging Mitts, which allow Link to dig into the ground when there are soft spots, giving him "Mogma Claws", when Link scares the Red Bokoblins away by defeating all of them inside the Eldin Volcano. Both of these objects allow Link to progress in his journey to find Princess Zelda.

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