Minigames of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

There are eight unlockable mini games in FSA, all of them are for multiplayer play. Each time you beat a region with two or more people playing, you will unlock the Tingle Tower for that region. Once you go into the Tingle Tower, Tingle will let you play a new minigame.


[edit] Bonus Course

The enemies in this level are tricky little buggers, they look like force gems, but if you try to collect them, they'll turn into enemies. Other than that, this game is a lot like Monster Hunting.

[edit] Bucking Broncos

Race against the other Links in a very fast, circuit style horse race. In the end, Tingle will announce the winner, based on how fast you went and how many force gems you picked up.

[edit] Cucco Wranglers

You and your friend(s) will have to find 20 cuccos (chickens) that have escaped from their pens, they come in two sizes (large and small) and are spread out throughout the entire area.

[edit] Hammer Tag

A very violent and fun minigame. If you ever hold the hammer for more than sixty seconds you lose. So how do you get rid of it? Whack another Link on the head with it!

[edit] Mole Melee

This one is pretty much a Zelda version of Whack-a-Mole. Moles pop up and you have to hit them with a hammer, but be careful, you're not supposed to hit all of them.

[edit] Monster Hunting

Go around a mini-dungeon until you kill all the monsters while collecting as many force gems as possible.

[edit] Monster Hunting Returns

This game has the same basic concept as the first Monster Hunting, but this time there a lot more monsters, and they're bigger... and have swords.

[edit] Volley By Golly

In this one you have to play a game of tennis with the fat lady that is in the top of the stage. She will fire large glowing balls that correspond to the colored Links, and you have to hit them back at her or to another Link (think Phantom Ganon).

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