Masks of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Masks are the main aspect of the game. They are used to help you get heart pieces, improve friendships, and beat powerful bosses. You should try to get all of them as you play through the game.


[edit] Transformation Masks

There are four masks in the game that allow you to transform into someone else. These masks will give you different skills and allow you to use different weapons.

Deku Link

[edit] Deku Mask

A~Spin Attack
B~Fire Bubbles using Magic
Deku Flower~Press and hold A in a Deku Flower to be shot up in the air.

How to Get It
You get it at the beginning of the game.

You can make 5 skips/hops against Poison Water.

As a Deku Scrub, you can not survive if you are burned, and you will also have problems getting over some ledges.

Oni/Fierce Deity Link

[edit] Oni/Fierce Deity Mask

B~Attack and fire beams with your Sword.

How to Get It
Give all 20 of your masks to the four children on the hilltop on the moon.

This is the strongest mask and form in the game. You can beat all bosses with ease while you have this mask on. But technically you can really use it with two bosses, Woodfall temple boss and Majora

You can only use the mask during boss fights, unless you perform a glitch that can only be done one of many ways, check youtube for glitches

Goron Link

[edit] Goron Mask

A+Control Stick~If you press and hold A, you will be able to use your control stick to roll. If you go long enough you will sprout spikes and mow down anything in your path but it uses magic power. This with infinite magic is a good combination.
B~Punch(Pressing Multiple Times will make combos)
A+B~Press and Hold A, and then press B to Pound the ground.

Where to Get It
You get it in the Northern Mountains use the lens of truth and follow Darmanis ghost around the village. You will end up on top of a mountain in a cave filled with hot spring water, play the song of healing so Darmani can be put to rest.

You are able to press larger switches, and you have a lot more strength and speed (only when rolling) than Link.

You can not climb, jump, or swim. In fact, if you set foot too deep into water you are going to end up drowning.

Zora Link

[edit] Zora Mask

R&B~Magic Shield on land
B~Basic Attack with Fins. If you hold B, when you release it you will use your fins like boomerangs.
Control Stick+A~Roll L-Target+A= Flip Kick

Swimming Controls
A~Swim(use the Control Stick to steer and keep holding the button). If you press A in water then you will Surface.
B~sink to the bottom
R~Magic Shield

Where to Get It
Mikau will be washed up on the Great Bay Coast, push him to shore and play the song on healing to let him pass peacefully.

As a Zora you are a great swimmer, are able to breath underwater, and you can jump the farthest (not counting Fierce Deity Link or Link equiped with the bunny hood). He can also generate a magic shield that will either stun or kill all enemies).

He will be burned to death if he is touched by fire.

[edit] Other Masks

There are 20 other masks that give you special abilities:

[edit] All-Night Mask


How to Get It
You must save the Old Lady from the Bomb-Shop at midnight on the night of the First Day. Then go to the curtesy shop night of the Last Day, and the mask will be on sale for 500 Rupees.

What It Does
You can stay awake for the Grandma's stories at the Stock Pot Inn which is used to earn a piece of heart.

[edit] Blast Mask


How to Get It
At midnight on the night of the First Day, go to North Clock Town and wait until the old lady gets robbed by Sakon. If you slice Sakon before he get away, she rewards you with this mask.

What it Does
By pressing the B button, you blow up the mask. You get hurt a little in the process, but it helps if you don't have bombs. To prevent damage when using this mask use your shield when blowing it up. Another Disadvatage is that you have to wait a while before you are able to use it again so it might on be the best choice if your in a placd that requires freqent bombings

[edit] Bremen Mask


How to Get It
Complete the Guru-Guru Notebook Entry: (night of the First or Second day) Go to the Laundry Pool area and talk to the man there. After listening to his story, he will give you the mask.

What it Does
It lets you be the leader of marching small animals when you press and hold the B button. One novelty purpose of this mask is to make the ikana soldiers March too.

[edit] Bunny Hood


How to Get It
Complete Grog's Task: At the Romani Ranch go to the Cucoo Shack and talk to the guy there. Then put on the Bremen Mask and march around and touch all the little Cucoos. After they all follow you, they will mature into male Cucoos, and Grog will reward you with the mask.

What it Does
It makes you run faster, and you are able to do numerous other things faster as well, and it lets you hear better which comes in handy with the postman's mini-game.

[edit] Captain's Hat


Where to Get It
If you play the Sonata of Awakening in Ikana Graveyard, you will awaken Captain Keeta. There are two ways to get this mask either catch up to Keeta destroying the stalchildren to advance (i recommend getting the bunny hood before attempting this it makes you faster on your feet) and battle him until he gives up or run past him and get to the chest at the bridge that Keeta destroyed when you woke him before he does.

What It Does
You are able to command Stalchildren at certain times and prevent redeads from attacking you.

[edit] Circus Leader's Mask


How to Get It
Go to the Milk Bar and talk to the short-fat Zora, Toto. Play an instrument in each form, including normal form. You then play the Ballad of the Windfish song and Gorman will be touched by it. He will then reward you with this mask.

What It Does
You won't get attacked by bandits when you ride with Cremia while wearing this mask.

[edit] Couple's Mask


How to Get It
Reunite Anju and Kafei: after you help Kafei retrieve the Sun Mask, go to the Stock Pot Inn and go to the employees-only room. Wait there with Anju till the last minute, watch the scene that takes place, then get the mask.

What It Does
Wear in front of the Mayor to get a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Don Gero's Mask


How to Get It
After receiving Goron Lullaby, light all of the torches in the main room with the chandelier. Crash into the pots, and it will give you food. After getting the food from the Goron Chandelier, go to the hungry Goron that is on a ledge in the Mountain Village. He will then give you the mask.

What it Does
Use the mask to gather the frog choir in the mountain village.

[edit] Garo's Mask


How to Get It
Go to Milk Road to the Gorman Brother's ranch. Talk to them while on Epona, and beat them in a race.

What It Does
Wear the mask to get into Ikana Canyon, and you will be able to talk to Garos as the ReDead ignore you.

[edit] Giant's Mask


Where to Get It
Defeat the second Eyegore in the Stone Tower Temple to receive this mask.

What It Does
You basically become a Giant while you have magic. Please note that this consumes magic at a very fast pace so either use it when you need it or get infinite magic from the milk bar. This only works in Twinmold's room.

[edit] Gibdo's Mask


Hot to Get It
Go to the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon and play the Song of Healing to Pamela's Father. The mask will be all that remains.

What It Does
You are able to talk to Gibdo's, and you will be left alone by Gibdo and ReDead.

[edit] Great Fairy Mask


How to Get It
There is a Great Fairy in North Clock Town who will give you a mask if you help her out. During the day, go to the Laundry Pool to get the first fairy. Then, at night visit East Clock Town near the hotel to get the second fairy. Give both of the fairys back to the Great Fairy to get this mask.

What it Does
Hair of the mask shimmers when a stray fairy is in the room. All fairies will fly to you unless they are trapped in a bubble.

[edit] Kafei's Mask


How to Get It
Go to the Mayor's Office and talk to Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife.

What It Does
The people in town will try to help you about Kafei's whereabouts

[edit] Kamaro's Mask


How to Get It
Complete Kamaro's Task in the Notebook: go to the mushroom pillars outside of North Clock Town at the night of any day to find the mask.

What it Does
It makes you dance! Use it in front of the Rosa sisters and they will appoint you their master and give you a piece of heart

[edit] Keaton Mask


How to Get It
Given to you by the Man from the Curiosity Shop on the third day of the Anju and Kafei sidequest. Must complete sidequest up to this point and enter the Curiosity Shop's back room through the Laundry Pool starting at 1:00 PM.

What It Does
It will let you summon Keaton by chopping an entire area of moving grass, who will reward you with a piece of heart after a short quiz.

[edit] Mask of Scents


How to Get It
If you rescue the Deku Princess and bring her to the Deku Cave, you will get to race the Deku Butler. Beat him in a race to win the Mask of Scents.

What it Does
This allows you to sniff out mushrooms and fungi. If you bring those back to the swamp, and give them to Kotake, she can make potions. When you smell something, it will look like a purple fog.

[edit] Mask of Truth


How to Get It
Go to the Spider House at the Southern Swamp, and destroy all of the Skulltulas. He will turn from a Spider into a Man and give you the Mask of Truth.

What it Does
The mask allows you to get clues from Gossip Stones, and understand dogs by picking them up. That will come in handy if you enter in Mamamu Yan's dog race.

[edit] Postman's Hat


Where to Get It
Help out the Postman by giving him something to deliver everyday and letting him leave on the third.

What It Does
You are able to empty Red Mail Boxes of Rupees and Heart Pieces.

[edit] Romani's Mask


How to Get It
Help out Cremia: after you save Romani from the ghosts (2:30 AM night of the first day) go to the night of the Second Day and talk to Cremia to get a ride to town. After a while, you will get attacked by the Gorman Brothers on horses, so you must shoot arrows at them to hold them off. You will then be rewarded with the Romani Mask.

What It Does
Allows you to get into the Milk Bar in East Clock Town.

[edit] Stone Mask


How to Get It
Use the Eye of Truth to talk to Shiro on the Road to Ikana. Give him a Red or Blue potion.

What It Does
Enemies (excluding bosses) will not be able to see you. Pamela (the young girl) in Ikana Canyon nor the Great Bay's Pirates will see you either.

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