Maps of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The world of The Minish Cap is large, and exploring the land's every detail is half the fun. Below, you can find a basic run-down of all the main sections of Hyrule. To locate a specific area, match a tile on the map to the left with a tile below.


[edit] Towns And Cities - Hyrule Town


Hyrule Town is the game's hub city. The market place is always a buzz of activity, and the houses surrounding it each have their own purpose. Link will spend a lot of his adventure within Hyrule Town, as he will often have to return to pick up items he needs to progress. The town even has several Minish Portals, which will allow Link to move about in places usually too small for him to get to.

[edit] Towns And Cities - Minish Woods


The Minish Woods are one of the first places you will visit in the game. The Woods are where Link meets up with his new partner, Ezlo, and also the location of the first dungeon, Deepwood Shrine. While the Wood is almost devoid of human life, there is a Minish City at its heart that will mark your first meeting with the Minish race.

[edit] Towns And Cities - Mt Crenel


Mt Crenel is the home of the mountain-dwelling Minish. It is also the dwelling of choice for Melari, the head Minish blacksmith, who will gladly re-forge your broken Picori Blade. At Mt Crenel's peak lies the second dungeon, the Cave Of Flames.

[edit] Towns And Cities - Cloud Tops


The Cloud Tops are the last main area you will get to in the game. The Tops are the new home to the Wind Tribe, who were previously housed in the Wind Ruins. The tribe have taken their Wind Element with them, and you will have to get it back by venturing into the Palace Of Winds, the dungeon of Cloud Tops.

[edit] Hyrule Castle Garden


The garden on the legendary castle of Hyrule has a few neat little secrets, the best of which are the hidden passageways that will allow you to sneak into Hyrule Castle later on in the game, when the guards are a little less willing to let you in the front door. Hyrule Castle Garden is the only way to get to the game�s final dungeon, Hyrule Castle.

[edit] Lake Hylia


Lake Hylia is largely useless until you find the Flippers, which allow you to swim in the deep water of the lake. Once you reach the lake, be on the look out for a strange chunck of ice sitting in an enclosed area. This mound of ice is a Minish Portal that leads to the fourth dungeon, the Temple Of Droplets.

[edit] Lon Lon Ranch


Lon Lon Ranch is the home of the famous farming family from Ocarina Of Time. Once you have helped the ranchers find the key to their house, Malon will appear in Hyrule Town to sell you Milk.

[edit] North Hyrule Field


North Hyrule field is the connection between Hyrule Town and Hyrule Castle Garden. Your second encounter with Vaati also happens in the northern field.

[edit] South Hyrule Field


South Hyrule's prominent feature is the house of the infamous Master Smith, and his grandson Link. You won�t be seeing your grandfather a lot after you leave on your journey, but the southern field is an important connector of several key areas.

[edit] Mt Crenel's Base


Mt Crenel's base is more or less a training session to prepare you for Mt Crenel proper. Make sure you pay attention, as the Mountain itself is very difficult to climb for the inexperienced.

[edit] Trilby Highlands


The Highlands are one the most well-travelled areas in the game. The Highlands are the only way you are able to get to the fiery base of Mt Crenel.

[edit] Western Wood


The Western Wood is an area that is there simply to allow you to reach other areas. In this case, the Wood gives you access to Castor Wilds, the area that lies between you and the third dungeon.

[edit] Royal Valley


The Royal Valley is the home of Dampe the gravekeeper, as well as the ghost of a previous King Of Hyrule.

[edit] Castor Wilds


The main body of Castor Wilds can only be accessed once you have the Pegasus Boots, otherwise Link simply sinks into the thick bog in the area. The bow and arrow are hidden in the wilds, as is the passageway to the Wind Ruins.

[edit] Wind Ruins


The Wind Ruins are the home of the third dungeon, the Fortress Of Winds. The fortress is the first challenging dungeon in the game, so get used to heavy battling in the ruins beforehand.

[edit] Eastern Hills


The Eastern Hills serve as the main access point to the Minish Woods.

[edit] Veil Falls


The Veil Falls are one of the last areas in the game, and they serve as a passage to Cloud Tops. Veil falls is the home of Biggoron.

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