Maku Tree

The male Maku Tree.

The Maku Tree is male in Oracle of Seasons and female in Oracle of Ages:

[edit] Maku Tree (male)

The male Maku Tree is the guardian of Holodrum in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. He is Din's protector, but being a tree, he can't really do this. He withered when Onox tampered with the seasons. When Onox's doings are undone by Link, Maku regrows and becomes a much bigger tree. He is located in the Maku Tree Chamber in Horon Village.

The female Maku Tree.

[edit] Maku Tree (female)

The female Maku Tree is the guardian of Labrynna in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. When Link and her meet, some of Veran's forces attack Maku in the past, making her disappear in the present. Link was able to save the Maku Tree, and the Maku Sprout from death when he travelled to the past. This rescue caused the Maku Tree to fall in love with Link, and she proposed to him. She is left without an answer, and when she sees Zelda kissing Link at the end of the game, she frowns.

The Maku Tree ignores the fact she received no answer, and helps Link defeat Veran. The Maku Tree had lost most of her memory though, which was sealed away in the Essences of Time. Link travelled across Labrynna, to collect the essences, to restore the Maku Tree's memory.

The Maku Tree can give Link useful limited help. She points Link in the correct direction for all the essences apart from the Falling Star, which she can't sense. She also tells Link when Ambi leaves the palace, giving him the chance to be able to rescue Nayru.

When the Maku Tree regains her memory, she rewards Link with a Huge Maku Seed. This allows him to penetrate through the darkness of the Black Tower, to gain progress through the game. Also when Link rescues Zelda, the Maku Tree is able to transport Link.

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