Majora's Mask Bottles

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There are 6 bottles that Link will collect throughout the game. These will help you with sidequests and other missions throughout the game.

  • The beaver at the bottom of the Headwaters in the Western Ocean wants to race you. First you must swim through 20 rings within the time limit. Then you get to race his big brother. Swim through 25 rings in the time given to receive a bottle.
  • After you defeat Goht, Goron racing will begin. All you have to do is get first place to get a bottle with Gold Dust in it.
  • Sometime after 6:00 pm on Day 3, go to the Ikana Graveyard, while wearing the Captain's Hat. Make the Stalchildren dig up the grave. Remove the hat and go into the grave. Now, guide Dampe to dig through the various mounds. Eventually, a poe will appear. Defeat it to get the bottle.
  • You must complete the Anju and Kafei sidequest, talk to the man in the backroom in the afternoon of the final day, he will give you some mail along with a mask, then go to the milk bar and give the mail to her while wearing the kafei mask, she will give you a bottle filled with chateau romani.
  • All you have to do is help out Romani by preventing "them" from invading the barn in romani ranch, your reward will be a bottle full of milk
  • Go to the Southern Swamp Potion Shop. Kotake is here, but doesn't know where her sister is. Go into the nearby Woods of Mystery and follow the monkey. There are numerous paths he takes, so just make sure to follow him close. He will take you to Koume. She needs a healing potion. Exit the Woods of Mystery and alert Kotake. She will give you a bottle of potion for Koume. Go back to Koume, give her the potion, and the bottle is yours to keep.

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