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[edit] Characters In- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

[edit] Main Characters:

[edit] Link

Link is a Hylian who lives in Ordon Village, where he works as a farmhand and as a leader to the village youth. He dreams of becoming mayor, and his fellow villagers fully expect him to achieve this. After he is imprisoned in Twilight Hyrule, he is coerced by Midna into helping her retrieve the Fused Shadows, a quest which eventually becomes a mission to save Hyrule and the Twilight Realm.

[edit] Wolf Link

Link can transform into an alternate form, a wolf, when entering the Twilight Realm, a void which corrupted parts of Hyrule. As a wolf, Link moves quickly, attacks with his fangs, and finds and digs holes to create new passages and uncover buried items. He also carries Midna, a small imp-like creature who gives hints, uses an energy field to attack enemies, and helps Link jump longer distances. Link can also communicate with animals as a wolf, aiding him in gathering useful information, and has an improved sense of smell, allowing him to follow trails left by certain characters in the game or to obtain the scent of objects such as medicine or fish. His sense of smell is also the only way players are able to see wandering spirits and hunt for ghosts named Poes, which can neither be seen (except for the lanterns they carry) or attacked without the wolf form's ability of smell.

[edit] Zelda

Zelda was the young ruler of Hyrule until its invasion by Zant, the Twilight King, when she surrendered to him upon his prompt of "Life? Or death?" in an effort to protect her people. From then on, she is imprisoned inside a tower in Hyrule Castle, although she does not become a spirit under the influence of the Twilight King's magic like her people. It is here that she meets Link, transformed into a wolf by the Twilight Realm's power. Later, she apparently gives up this power, and her physical form, to aid a purified and dying Midna. Zelda regains her body later, only to be possessed by Ganondorf, but his influence is purged from her body by Midna. Ganondorf makes another attempt on Zelda's life soon after, but she is protected by the Light Spirits of Hyrule, who grant her the Light Arrows to assist Link in part of his final battle, making this her third participation in the final battle. The last time she is seen in the game is when she and Link say goodbye to Midna at the Mirror of Twilight. In Twilight Princess, Zelda, despite retaining her "Princess" title, is the matriarch of Hyrule (queen-in-waiting). Other incarnations of Zelda have featured her as the daughter and possible heiress to the king of Hyrule, as opposed to the land's ruler

[edit] Ganon

Ganon initially appears in a plot twist midway through the game, though he is really the one behind all of the events that have transpired throughout the story. Before the start of the game, he was banished to the Twilight Realm after a failed execution by the ancient sages, which left him with a glowing wound on his chest. Then, presenting himself as a god, he encounters Zant (who was built up to be the primary antagonist), giving him his power and convincing him to attempt conquest of the light world. He also serves as the final boss of the game in numerous phases, including one appearance as Ganon (in a more feral style than in previous appearances, mirroring Link's wolf form). In the final battle with Ganondorf, he used no magic attacks and only uses his sword, the same sword that the sages used to try and execute him, to try and defeat Link. At the end of the game Link defeats Ganondorf, impaling him through the wound in his chest with the Master Sword. After getting up and muttering a few words, The Triforce symbol on his hand disappears , Zant is shown snapping his own neck in a vision. Ganondorf gasps, his eyes glaze over, and he seemingly dies.

[edit] Midna

Midna is a member of the Twili, a fictional race of magic-wielders, who have been imprisoned in the Twilight Realm. Prior to the events of the game, Midna, the Twilight Princess, is appointed to become the Twili‘s next ruler. Her reign is cut short when Zant, a servant of the Twili's Royal Family, usurps Midna's rightful position as ruler of the Twili and transforms her into an imp. He begins to exploit his sovereignty, and corrupts many of the Twili's denizens. Midna escapes, stealing a piece of a group of ancient and powerful artifacts called the Fused Shadow, and wearing it as a helmet. She then begins seeking out the remaining three pieces of the Fused Shadow, in a bid to grant her the power to defeat Zant. Midna spies on Link's capture by Zant's Shadow Beasts and shows up in the prison to rescue him. Link, in a state of disarray after being transformed into a wolf, has no choice but to accept her help. The two form a mutually beneficial partnership—Midna helps Link learn certain abilities and attacks, while also offering invaluable advice. In turn, Link helps Midna recover the pieces of the Fused Shadow. At first, Midna maintains a sassy and insensitive behavior towards Link,but in their adventures Midna opens up to Link, and tells him of her past. Soon the two become best friends and dedicated allies. The duo eventually battle their way through three dungeons in order to retrieve the remaining pieces of the Fused Shadow. However, Zant catches the two of them off guard after they overcome the trials of the Lakebed Temple, and seizes the Fused Shadow before Midna can use it against him. He then proceeds to expose Midna, a native of the Twilight Realm, to the light of a Hylian Light Spirit, Lanayru, and curses Link into his wolf form using a form of ancient magic that can only be broken if Link can find the Master Sword. The exposure leaves Midna near death. Link carries his dying companion to Princess Zelda, who, despite Midna's protest, uses her power to revive Midna, making her a being of light (who can now be seen in and endure the power of the "Light World," Hyrule), and disappears in the process. During the latter portion of the game, it is revealed that Zelda's spirit was residing inside of Midna. She then leads Link on a new objective to find the Twilight Mirror, an artifact that will enable the two to enter Twilight Realm and defeat Zant. En route to finding the mirror, they discover the Master Sword, which not only changes Link back to his original form, but also leads Midna to discover how to change Link back and forth from wolf to human at will. They finally find the mirror's chamber above the fourth temple, only to discover that Zant has smashed it and scattered the pieces across Hyrule. After reassembling the mirror, a group of Sages appears and informs Link that Midna is the Twilight Princess, and the true heir to the realm. Midna and Link finally travel to the Twilight Realm, where they infuse the Master Sword with the power of the Sols (two large orbs of light) and attack Zant. After a long battle, he falls to Link's Master Sword, but refuses to surrender. Mortally injured, Zant mocks Midna to the point where, enraged, she draws upon a small fraction of Fused Shadow's power and impales Zant on her ponytail. The two travel to Hyrule Castle, where Midna uses the Fused Shadow to transform into a large arachnid-like beast, and breaks into the castle. She then attempts to block Ganondorf's possession of Zelda, and helps Link defeat Ganon in his Beast form. When Ganon transforms into his "god" form, a massive version of his head made of flames, she transforms into her arachnid form and attacks him. She warps Link and Zelda to Hyrule Field, where they watch as the castle collapses. Ganondorf, now back in his human form, rides out of the smoke on a black horse, crushing the Fused Shadow shard Midna wore as a helmet. After Zelda helps Link battle and defeat Ganon, Link discovers that Midna survived her battle with Ganon, and was restored to her former self. During the game's final cinematic sequence, she bids farewell to Link and Zelda. While making her return to the Twilight Realm, she destroys the Twilight Mirror, thus closing the only known link between the two worlds.

[edit] Zant

Usurper King Zant is one of the major antagonists in Twilight Princess. He is a member of Twili who usurps the throne of the Twilight Realm from Midna before the events of Twilight Princess. He regularly appears wearing a mask, but removes his helmet before his figh twith Link. Zant was a servant of the Royal Family of the Twilight Realm who had devoted his life to serving them in the hopes of eventually succeeding them. However, he despised them for not taking any action to rid the Twili of their misery, and was eventually passed over due to his obvious greed and ambition. He became filled with despair and hatred towards his tribe, and in this state met Ganondorf, who appeared to him in the form of a god. Zant pledges allegiance to Ganondorf, who promises to fulfill Zant's desires in exchange for his service. After this moment Zant is commonly seen wearing a conical-shaped mask similar to Onox's from The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons, although bearing more grotesque, exaggerated facial features. With Ganondorf on his side, Zant overthrows Midna and turns her into an imp. He then declares himself the "King of Twilight", and transforms the rest of the Twili into Shadow Beasts. Next, Ganondorf orders him to cover Hyrule in darkness, thus triggering the events of Twilight Princess. At some point between then and the battle with Stallord, he also breaks the Mirror of Twilight, in order to keep Link and Midna away from his palace. After the Fused Shadows are successfully recovered by Link and Midna, Zant appears to take them from Midna, chiding her for thinking that his power was merely Twili magic, and thus subordinate to the Fused Shadows, as well as for siding with a light-dweller. He nearly kills her and returns Link permanently to Wolf Form, though Link is able to break both curses with the help of Zelda and the Master Sword. He makes one more appearance to taunt Link in the Arbiter's Grounds before reanimating Stallord with a sword he summons out of thin air. From then on until his battle with Link and Midna in the Palace of Twilight, his other appearances in the game are flashbacks of exposition. Wielding the Master Sword, Link confronts Zant in the throne room of the Palace of Twilight, and it is here that Zant tells Link his story. Zant begins to act and move in an erratic and awkward fashion, destroying his earlier facade of sinister control, though he still possesses great power and is a formidable foe. During the fight, Zant takes Link through several of the previous boss fights, mimicking the behavior of each of those bosses, before taking him to an arena in front of Hyrule Castle, where he engages Link in a duel. After Link defeats Zant, Midna retrieves the Fused Shadows from him. Zant declares Midna and the rest of the Twili were the real traitors, but Midna counters by explaining that Zant was passed over due to his obvious greed and ambition. Zant then taunts Midna, revealing that since the curse on her is based on Ganondorf's magic, only defeating Ganondorf could remove it. Zant also claims that as long as Ganondorf lives, Zant will be endlessly resurrected, so an angered Midna uses the regained Fused Shadows to impale and destroy him. Later, when Ganondorf is dying from Link and Zelda's attacks, a vision of Zant appears, and he promptly snaps his own neck before Ganondorf's apparent death.

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