Link's Awakening Trading Quest

Link's Awakening features a long trading sequence, which ends in you earning a brand new item - the Boomerang. Follow these steps to earn this new item:


[edit] 1) Yoshi Doll

  • Go to the Trendy Game in Mabe Village (similar to a digger machine). Play the game. Pick up the Yoshi Doll to obtain it.

[edit] 2) Ribbon

  • Go to the woman with her baby in a house in Mabe Village. Trade the Yoshi Doll with her for the Ribbon.

[edit] 3) Dog Food

  • Go to the little house in Mabe Village near the Chain Chomp and trade with the little Chain Chomp inside. She'll give you Dog Food in exchange for the Ribbon.

[edit] 4) Bananas

  • Go to Toronbo Shores, the place where you found your sword. There is a crocidile there who will give you bananas in exchange for the dog food.

[edit] 5) Stick

  • Trade the bananas with the monkey near the castle. He'll call his monkey friends to build a bridge for you. On the bridge you will find a loose Stick.

[edit] 6) Honeycomb

  • After beating the third dungeon, go to the Mario-ish guy who gave you your shield. He'll ask you for the stick. Give it to him, and he'll use it to hit a nearby beehive. The bees will chase him away, leaving the honeycomb for you.

[edit] 7) Pineapple

  • Exchange the Honeycomb with the bear in the Animal Village for a Pineapple.

[edit] 8) Hibiscus Flower

  • Go to the cliff near the Angler's Tunnel. There should be a guy there who is so hungry he can't even move. In exchange for the pineapple, he'll give you the hibiscus flower.

[edit] 9) Letter

  • In the Animal Village, talk to the goat. She'll give you a letter that she wants you to give to Mr. Write if you have the Hibiscus Flower.

[edit] 10) Broom

  • Take the letter to Mr. Write and he'll give you the Broom in exchange.

[edit] 11) Fishing Hook

  • In the northeast section of the Animal Village is an old lady. Give her the broom, and in exchange, she'll give you the Fishing Hook.

[edit] 12) Necklace

  • Under a random bridge around Koholint is a fisherman. Give him the hook, and he'll give you the necklace he finds.

[edit] 13) Scale

  • Near the entrance to the Catfish's Maw is a mermaid. Give her the necklace and she'll give you one of her scales.

[edit] 14) Magnifying Glass

  • South of where the fisherman was that you traded the Fisherman's Hook with is a statue. Put the scale in it to open a secret passage. At the end of the passage is the Magnifying Glass.

[edit] 15) Boomerang

  • Use the Magnifying Glass on a book in the library to discover where to find the Boomerang. It can be used to stun and damage enemies, and can also defeat the final boss in one hit.

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