Lanayru is the last of the four Light Spirits that Link meets on his journey. Lanayru has had his Light stolen by Twilight Messengers, and when Link first encounters this character, he has to recover Lanayru's Light by collecting Tears of Light, which are needed to recover the Light for the Light Spirits. When his Light is recovered, he shows Link a short cutscene to help him understand about the Fused Shadows and the Triforce. When this cutscene ensues, it is right before the third temple, Lakebed Temple. Right after the Lakebed Temple, Link goes to see Lanayru, but he doesn't come to greet him. Link, not seeing Lanayru, goes to leave, but instead walks right into Zant, the seemingly main antagonist of Twilight Princess. After part of the cutscene plays, Zant controls Midna and puts her right in front of Lanayru, exposing her to the Light and almost fatally injuring her. Lanayru disappears from the game's storyline until one of the very last cutscenes and the last cutscene. Lanayru helps to bless Zelda with the Light Arrows, which Zelda uses to stall Ganondorf with. Zelda shoots the Light Arrows at Ganon while Link goes after him with his sword in the third of the four phase battle, the Horseback battle. After knocking Ganon off his horse, Link ensues Ganon in a sword battle, at which point the four Light Spirits disappear from view and leave Link to fight Ganondorf. When this battle ends, with Link emerging the victor, the Light Spirits appear again, in the area where Midna is. Link runs toward them, and as he approaches, the Light Spirits disappear, and aren't seen in the credits. The four Light Spirits are Lanayru, Eldin, Faron, and Ordona.

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