[edit] Background

One of the Sorceress Sisters Twinrova, Kotake controls the ice element. Koume and Kotake, together who form the powerful sorceress Twinrova, served as Ganondorf's surrogate mothers and are very loyal to their son's cause.

[edit] Appearances in the Series

[edit] Ocarina of Time

Kotake is first encountered as Link pulls the Silver Gauntlets from the chest outside of the Spirit Temple. Link watches Kotake and her sister Koume capture Nabooru (the Sage of Spirit) and then retreat back inside of their hideout - the Spirit Temple. When Link returns to the Spirit Temple as an adult, it is revealed that they have kept Nabooru inside of the temple. Furthermore, they brainwashed her into doing Ganon's evil bidding. After defeating her Koume and Kotake whisk her away again, and retreat to the boss's chamber (a chamber that is later revealed to be used as a sacrificial alter to Ganon). The final battle against Kotake takes place here, where the sisters preform their "Double Dynamite Attack" and assume their combined form - Twinrova. After the battle, a short scene takes place where both Koume and Kotake can be scene bickering about which of them is the younger sister, all before they proceed onto the afterlife.

[edit] Majora's Mask

In the parallel world of Termina, Kotake is a friendly character. She works at the swamp potions shop with her sister, Koume. When Link tells her that Koume is lying unconscious in the woods, she gives him a Bottle full of Red Potion to take to her. After Link delivers the potion to Koume, Kotake will begin selling him potions (so long as Link speaks with her in his human form).

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