Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos is the second boss of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
Kalle Demos encased in its bud
It resides in the Forbidden Woods near Forest Haven where it kidnapped the Korok, Makar. Kalle Demos is a Boko Baba that is protected by a very large bud which hangs from the ceiling by 10 tentacles that can be destroyed by the Boomerang, resulting in it falling down and exposing the Boko Baba. You can use your Sword to slash Kalle Demos after it falls. The Great Deku Tree rewards you with Farore's Pearl after defeating Kalle Demos and rescuing Makar.


[edit] Quick Kill Strategies

[edit] Early Bombs

This strategy only works if you manage to get bombs early, but is very efficient in defeating Kalle Demos in the fastest manner when executed.

Basically, you want to position Link so he's under the boss, and throw the bombs up into the boss. The bombs get stuck inside the boss, and the hit box of the explosion damages the boss. After five hits the boss dies.

[edit] Forest Water

This newer strategy works on both Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD, and doesn't require getting anything earlier than the game intends on you getting, but requires Forest Water.

The setup for this strategy involves battling the boss as intended, throwing the Boomerang to cut the tentacles holding the boss in place down. The main difference is after the boss falls to the ground. At close range, what you want to do is pour the Forest Water onto the Boko Baba. If successful the boss will immediately go into its death cutscene, ending the battle in victory!

[edit] Need Help?

Here is a handy guide on defeating Kalle Demos and other bosses from the Wind Waker.
Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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