Link first encounters Jolene just outside Molida Island. She seems to be looking for Linebeck after he saved her from a sea monster. This was an accident, however, as Linebeck was attempting to flee the scene but lost control of his ship and smacked into the monster instead. Although a friendship formed between the two, he eventually departed unexpectedly after stealing some possessions from her.

Jolene and Joanne are sisters. Jolene dresses as a pirate, while her sister Joanne dresses as a mermaid. Neither approves of the others costume. At one point Jolene attempts to send a letter to Joanne, but the delivery is messed up. Link receives the letter instead, which can then be taken to Joanne for a reward.

After Link gives the three Pure Metals to Zauz, he receives a letter from Jolene to challenge him to a fight. The trick to fighting Jolene is to not go head-first into the fight. The opportune moment to strike is after she has made an attack, leaving her back vulnerable.

There are only two ways to escape Jolene. Use the Cyclone Slate, or get to the nearest dock, which is the harder of the two options.

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