Items & Spells of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The Adventure of Link features a wide variety of useful items and spells. This section will tell you about each of these items, and where they are found:


[edit] Items

Items can be found in dungeons and in the overworld:

[edit] Boots

  • The boots are a useful item that allow you to walk over certain parts of the water. They are needed to get into the 5th palace.

[edit] Candle

  • The candle lights up caves so that you are able to see inside. It is very useful and needed throughout the game.

[edit] Cross

  • The cross isn't the most useful in item in the game, but it is needed if you want to see enemies that you can not see normally.

[edit] Flute

  • The flute is only used to make the gigantic spider in East Hyrule go away. After that, the flute is pretty much useless.

[edit] Glove

  • The glove allows you to destroy blocks that you find in Palaces. It is very useful and a great thing to have.

[edit] Hammer

  • The Hammer is one of the more useful items in the game as it is used to destroy those very annoying boulders that tend to block your path.

[edit] Magic Key

  • This can replace all small keys in the Palaces. This is found in New Kasuto and is needed in Palace 6.

[edit] Raft

  • The purpose of the raft is very simple: to sail back and forth from West and East Hyrule.

[edit] Shield

  • The shield basically is your protection throughout the game(besides the shield spell), and can reflect some enemy attacks.

[edit] Sword

  • The Sword is the most basic and important item in the game. Use it to fight and destroy enemies and various other things.

[edit] Spells

The spells take up your magic and are learned from the wisemen in the towns:

[edit] Fairy

  • This spell allows you to become a fairy. As a fairy, you can fly even higher than you can jump with the jump spell.

[edit] Fire

  • This spell is useful when it comes to defeating tough enemies. It allows you to shoot fireballs out of your sword from far and close distances.

[edit] Jump

  • This spell makes you jump higher. This can get you up high ledges, and it even allows you to jump over larger enemies.

[edit] Life

  • The life spell takes a lot of magic, but it is well worth it as it restores a lot of your health.

[edit] Reflect

  • This will give your shield the power to reflect some of the enemies magic attacks back at them.

[edit] Shield

  • This is a very useful spell as it reduces damage taken by enemies by half. It doesn't take a lot of magic, and is great to use when you are up against tough enemies.

[edit] Spell

  • The only thing that this spell allows you to do is make the area that contains the Magic Key appear.

[edit] Thunder

  • This spell will make you a lot stronger. It would be even more useful if it wasn't found near the end of the game.
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