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In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, You can craft your equipment using collectables to make them better and more useful. This page will show you each item/equipment you can get and how you can upgrade it! To upgrade items, Link must visit the Bazaar in Skyloft and talk to the owner of the Scrap Shop.

[edit] Equipment

Here are the different Shields that you can aquire throughout the game:

Wooden Shields: The first shield that you can obtain in this game is the Wooden shield. To obtain one for the first time, Instructor Horwell will give you one at the Knight Academy. This shield will protect you from electric-attacks but will burn from fire-attacks/enemies as it is highly flammable. If it breaks (from falling into lava etc.), you will have to buy another one from the Bazaar in Skyloft for 50 rupees! You can upgrade the Wooden Shield to the Banded Shield at Gondo's Scrap Shop in the Bazaar. To do this you require 30 rupees, 2 Amber Relics, 1 Monster Claw and 1 Jelly Blob! This makes it sturdier and stronger but to enhance the Banded Shield to make the Braced Shield you need 50 rupees, 2 Monster Claws, 3 Amber Relics, 2 Tumbleweeds and 1 Ornamental Skull!

Iron Shields: Once you begin adventuring to Eldins Volcano, you can purchase an Iron Shield. These are very useful for when you go to the Volcano area, as they are resistant to flame attacks so its recommended getting one when they're available! They don't protect you from electric attacks which makes it useless in Lanayru Desert. They cost 100 rupees from the Bazaar! If you want to upgrade the Iron Shield to the Reinforced Shield, you need 50 rupees, 2 Eldin Ores, 2 Ornamental Skulls and 2 Monster Claws. To upgrade the Reinforced Shield to the Fortified Shield, you need 100 rupees, 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Tumbleweeds and 1 Blue Bird Feather.

Sacred Shields: Once you start collecting the Sacred Flames, you can then purchase the Sacred Shield for 500 rupees but it is well worth it! They regenerate themselves so aslong as you bounce back attacks that are thrown at you, then this shield is worth the value! It repels all fire, electric and curse attacks so you don't need an Iron or Wooden Shield which saves up an Adventure Pouch slot and saves you from swapping between the Wooden and the Iron shield! To upgrade to the Divine Shield, you need 100 rupees, 3 Ornamental Skulls, 1 Dusk Relic and 2 Bird Feathers! To upgrade from that to the Goddess Shield you need 150 rupees, 3 Monster Horns, 4 Dusk Relics, 3 Bird Feathers and 1 Blue Bird Feather!

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