Ilia (age unknown) is one of the characters in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Before the events of Twilight Princess, Ilia lived in Link's hometown, Ordon Village. Ilia cares about Epona, and when Link injures her legs while jumping fences, Ilia takes Epona to the Spirit's Spring to heal her leg. But this is an inconvenience to Link, who needs Epona to get to Hyrule Castle to deliver Ordon Village's gift to Hyrule. But when Link crawls in a hole to get to Ilia to get Epona, a group of Bulbins appear and attack them. Ilia is taken away, and isn't seen until before the third temple. During this period of time when Ilia isn't seen, she loses her memory and rescues Prince Ralis, who was found collapsed in the road. Link escorts Ilia, Prince Ralis, and Telma to Kakariko Village, where Ilia and Prince Ralis are cared for by Renado until after the sixth temple. Renado gives Link a letter to take to Telma, concerning Ilia, and Telma gives Link the Doctor's Invoice to take to the town doctor. He had spilled medicine on the Wooden Statue, which is used to partially recover Ilia's memory. Link follows the Medicine Scent to where Telma's bar is, and finds Louise, Telma's cat. She had stolen the Wooden Statue when the Town Doctor laid it out to dry when the Medicine was spilled on it. The Wooden Statue had been taken by a group of Stalhounds at Castle Town's south gate. Link goes to the South Gate and waits until night to get the Wooden Statue. When it is night Link kills the Stalhounds and takes the Wooden Statue. He then gives it to Ilia, who recovers part of her memory. She remembers a woman who had helped her when she had been imprisoned, and wants to help her. This woman resides in the Hidden Village, or Old Kakariko. Darbus goes and destroys the rock in front of the Hidden Village, at which Link comes and destroys all the Moblins. The woman that had taken care of Ilia when she was imprisoned, Impaz, gives Link the Horse Call, and when Link shows her the Dominion Rod, gives him the Sky Book. Link goes back and shows the Horse Call to Ilia, and she regains her full memory back. After that Ilia is no longer the center of attention, and isn't mentioned in the game's storyline. She remains with Renado until the game's credits, where she goes home with the other Ordon children.

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