Hylian Tongue Translation of The Wind Waker

As Link travels around the vast Great Sea, he meets lots of strange and unusual characters. The most interesting of these, however, are those who are capable of speaking the old Hylian tongue. On your first play through of the game, the words of these characters are of a strange language that you cannot understand. While you can read the Hylian text during your second play through, those of you too eager to discover the mystical words of these powerful figures can find the translations below.


[edit] Valoo (After Dragon Roost Cavern)

  • "O Hero! Thank you!"
  • "O Hero! Use the Wind God's wind!"

[edit] The Great Deku Tree

  • "That garb you wear. Could you be the legendary Hero?"
  • "Has the King at long last found the Hero Of Time?"
  • "What is the matter? Do you not understand the ancient Hylian tongue?"
  • "So ... You are not the Hero Of Time."

[edit] Jabun

  • "Well met, Hyrule King!"
  • "The events we have long feared seem to have been set into motion."
  • "If you have sought me out, it must mean you have found the Hero Of Time, does it not?"
  • "Then for what purpose have you come to see me?"
  • "Promise? You suggest that I leave the fate of Hyrule up to mere chance?"
  • "I see. Then I suppose it is up to the gods to deem whether his courage is true. I give you the guidepost to the Gods."
  • "This jewel should break the curse that Ganon has cast upon the land."
  • "Tell me, Hyrule King. Have you learned the whereabouts of the one who carries on the bloodline of the Princess, Zelda?"
  • "That is well. You must protect Zelda. She cannot be permitted to fall into the hands of Ganon. I am counting on you!"

[edit] Valoo (After Second Forsaken Fortress Visit)

  • "Still ... It is too soon for us to relax. Ganon cannot be destroyed by such simple means as wrath and fire."
  • "I see ... And I agree. Very well, then! We are counting on you!"
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