Forsaken Fortress

The Forsaken Fortress is the main base of Ganondorf and serves as a Dungeon early in The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker, and later on throughout the game.
Forsaken Fortress is located in the Northwestern portion of The Great Sea, and also located on the very Top Left Hand Corner of Link's Sea Chart.
It was noted by Tetra, that the Fortress once belonged to a small time gang of Pirates who Tetra and her crew used to compete with. The Fortress is protected by Canons, Searchlights, and monsters, presumably under Ganondorf's Control, as well as being placed under a curse by Ganondorf himself, which covers his Fortress in a perpetual nightfall.
The Helmaroc King has also made it's nest on top of Forsaken Fortress and resides there as well. The Fortress was also the location Link's little sister Aryll, where was held as a prisoner along with two other girls, Maggie and Mila, two residents of Windfall Island.

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