Faron Woods (Skyward Sword)

Faron Woods
Faron Woods (SS).png
Link in the Faron Woods
Game Skyward Sword
Resident Species Kikwi
Location(s) Deep Woods
Skyview Temple

Faron Woods is a lush, greenery-filled forest in the land of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is located in the south-eastern corner of the Hyrulean map, and is connected to a small area known as the Sealed Grounds.

[edit] Geological Information

The Faron Woods are filled with many different plant species, including many different varieties of a mushroom. It is also home to a species of animal known as the Kikwi, who use their bush-sprouting backs as camouflage to hide from predators such as the Red Bokoblin who lives inside the forest.

There are many Bird Statues located around the forest, including one directly near the entrance and one near a temple located deep in the forest. There are also some scattered through the woods, such as one next to a giant tree located in the middle of the main area of the forest.

[edit] Sub-Sections

A Kikwi, a resident of the Faron Woods.

The Faron Woods are split into sub-sections known as Faron Woods and Deep Woods. The Faron Woods sub-section is the main area of the forest, and also houses the majority of the plant and animal life (such as the Kikwis). This area allows for a lot of camouflage, which makes it the perfect place for all prey, and as they all stay here, so do the predators.

The Deep Woods sub-section contains the Skyview Temple, where many dark-light preferring animal species live. Instead of the Red Bokoblin, who prefers the lighter Faron Woods section, the Green Bokoblins can be found here as the main enemy, being especially large of population inside the temple itself.

[edit] Quests

Inside the Faron Woods, there are many quests for Link to complete. These are all issued by other people while Link is on his journey to find the missing princess, Zelda, and learn about their inclusion in this destiny

He is sent by Bucha, the Kikwi elder, to make sure every Kikwi in the forest that has not yet been accounted for is safe. His reward for this is information on where Zelda is, and a valuable item - a Slingshot. This Slingshot allows him to get into the Deep Woods portion of the forest. From there, he travels further in until he reaches his destination - the Skyview Temple deep inside the forest.

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