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[edit] Ocarina of Time

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Epona is encountered by Link at the Lon Lon ranch, where she was raised by Malon. She was wild and untamed, so when Link approached her, she ran away. Only Malon could approach her, until she taught Link Epona's Song. With this song, Epona stopped running away from Link. Malon told Link that Epona had taken a liking to him.

Seven years later, Link encounters with Epona again. Things got worse at the ranch. Ingo was now in charge. Epona ran away from Link again, but after he played Epona's Song Epona remembered Link. Link then has a horse race against Ingo, using Epona. Link wins the first time, and then Ingo challenges Link again. This time, for the custody of Epona. Link wins, and Epona is rightfully his. However, Ingo, not to be trusted, tries to prevent Link from leaving with Epona, by shutting the gates. No problem for Epona. She just jumped over the gates and gained her freedom with Link. From then, she'll carry Link whenever he needs her.

Follow these steps to get her:

[edit] Step 1

  • As Young Link, go to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to Malon a few times. When she starts talking about the song she is singing, pull out your ocarina, she will teach you Epona's Song.

[edit] Step 2

  • As Adult Link, come back to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to Ingo (who is now running it). Pay him ten rupees to ride a horse. Instead of riding the horse provided call Epona using Epona's Song and ride her instead. (Hint: Jump over the small fences in the ring to earn back your ten rupees.)

[edit] Step 3

  • Do the same thing as the last time, except this time, talk to Ingo while riding Epona, he will challenge you to a race by betting 50 rupees that he can beat you.

[edit] Step 4

  • If you beat Ingo in the race, he will challenge you to another, whoever wins the second race gets to keep Epona.

[edit] Step 5

  • Once you have won the race Ingo won't let you go, so ride Epona and jump over the gate, you and Epona will be out of Lon Lon Ranch and be free to go wherever you please. Use Epona's Song to call her from anywhere in Hyrule Field.

Link on Epona in Majora's Mask

[edit] Majora's Mask

In the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Link is seen riding on Epona. Epona is then startled by two fairies, named Tatl and Tael. Link then gets thrown to the ground, unconcious. Skull Kid then comes along, wearing the Majora's Mask, and rumages through Link's body, then finding the Ocarina of Time and then stealing it. Link then gains conciousness, see's that the Skull Kid has the Ocarina, and Link then tries to take it back from him. Skull Kid then tries to escape on Epona. Link leaps to try and get him, but manages only to grab his leg. Epona keeps galloping, dragging Link along. Eventually, Link can no longer hold on and he falls to the ground, watching Epona gallop off along with Skull Kid.

Link finds Skull Kid again, but only to find out that he had got rid of Epona because she was a 'stupid horse'. Link doesn't encounter with Epona again, until he finds the Romani Ranch in Termina. Romani gives Epona back to Link after he practises shooting on horseback.

Link on Epona in Twilight Princess

[edit] Twilight Princess

In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link starts off with Epona in Ordon Village. Link uses Epona to help him with Link's job as a rancher, but it is Ilia who actually takes care of Epona. Ilia gets very angry and Link when he takes poor care of her or when she gets hurt. When the village is attacked by King Bulbin, the horse dissapears. But soon later Link reunites with Epona in Kakariko Village. Epona runs around trying to fend off two Bulbins. Link then defeats them, and then tames Epona and then take her to save Colin. In Twilight Princess Link uses spurs instead of carrots, and also Epona can gallop faster in this game than the other games.

Epona is much more important in Twilight Princess compared to the other games. In this game you must use Epona to have battles on horseback, which are necessary to gain progress in the game. Also, the second to last boss in Twilight Princess is a horseback battle.

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