Enemies of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The land of Hyrule is not one of peace. Each island in the game is home to several species of monster, each with their own attacks and abilities. Knowing a monster's weak spot is the key to defeating it, as some enemies require more than a simple 'Hack 'n' Slash' method to be defeated.


[edit] Armos


Name: Armos

Attack: Hops towards you. Before it dies, it spins wildly in your direction.

Description: The small Armos Statues are of little threat. They come to life when you near them, and then begin hopping towards you. Strafe around them and fire an arrow into the jewel on their back to stun them (Firing an arrow in its eye will stun it for a long while and it will start to shake when it gets close to being unstuned), then slash the jewel with your sword to send them spinning madly around in your direction. Just avoid this and they will explode soon after.

[edit] Armos Knight


Name: Armos Knight

Attack: Takes two hops towards you, then stops and opens its mouth.

Description: A large and surprisingly less dangerous form of the Armos Statues. After jumping towards you twice, they stop with their mouths open for a short period before beginning to chase you again. Throw a bomb into their mouth when it is open to send it spinning in a similar fashion to the regular Armos. Avoid it and it will explode of its own accord.

[edit] Beamos


Name: Beamos

Attack: Once it spots you, it shoots a laser beam at you.

Description: Beamos are immobile, but their attack radius is large. Run past a beamos when its eye is facing the other way, otherwise it will hit you with a laser beam. Bombs are a good way to beat them. You can also fire an arrow in its eye when it opens to destroy it, this can be dangerous since it will shoot at you.

[edit] Boko Baba


Name: Boko Baba

Attack: Swallows you.

Description: A man-eating plant. When you first meet them, you must hit them until they face straight up so you can cut their stalks (link should have a normal combo that he will do to make it stand straight up and then cut the stalk). Once you have the boomerang, you can simply cut their stalks by throwing it.

[edit] Bokoblin


Name: Bokoblin

Attack: Swings a small sword or stick at you.

Description: Bokoblins are one of the first enemies you will face in the game and are very easy to beat. They aren't very quick attackers so defending against them is decidedly easy. They come in three varieties, including the regular grey bokoblins, the bigger green bokoblins, or the pink bokoblins who can only be found at sea. Interestingly, pink bokoblins attack using telescopes not unlike your own. Sometimes the Bokoblins will hide in jars and such. Funny side note is that if you blow them up with a bomb and they live next time you use a bomb on that one it will run in panic.

[edit] Bubbles (Red / Blue)


Name: Bubbles (Red / Blue)

Attack: Bubbles simply charge into you.

Description: Bubbles are aggravating enemies. Red Bubbles can be beaten with your sword, but it is safer to blow out their flames with the Deku Leaf before you attack. Blue Bubbles are tougher, because their flames are magic. If you get hit by one, you will be unable to use your weapons until the flames have died. Make sure to always blow out a Blue Bubble's flame before fighting it.

[edit] Chuchu


Name: Chuchu (Red / Green / Yellow / Blue / Black)

Attack: Chuchus hop towards you to inflict damage. Some are electrified and can�t be hurt while charged.

Description: There are five variations of Chuchus, as described below:

Red: The easiest of all Chuchus. They shuffle towards you before jumping. Just hit them with your sword.

Green: They are like the Red Chuchus, except they can become gelatinous, invulnerable puddles. If you don�t want to wait for them to pop back up themselves, hit the puddle with the boomerang to make the Chuchu reform.

Yellow: They have all the abilities of a green Chuchu, but their bodies are electrified and will hurt you if you try and attack them directly. Hit them with the boomerang to stun them and eliminate the electric charge, making them vulnerable.

Blue: They are exactly the same as Yellow Chuchus, but much rarer. There are only 23 in the game, and they are scattered on various islands of the Great Sea.

Black: The most difficult Chuchu. They are impervious to all attacks. Hit them with a beam of light to make them become solid, then throw them at a wall to smash them. They cannot be defeated any other way.

[edit] Darknut


Name: Darknut

Attack: Swings a massive sword at you, or punches if it doesn�t have a sword.

Description: These are big, armored enemies. They are impossible to damage until you have removed their armor. Use a parry attack to cut the straps off their back and make them vulnerable. If you knock off their helmet, you can use the boomerang to stun them. Mighty Darknuts are similar to regular Darknuts, but have capes and much bigger swords. They are harder to 'undress'.

[edit] Floor Master


Name: Floor Master

Attack: Appears out of black holes in the floor and grabs you. It then drags you back a few rooms in a dungeon.

Description: Floor Masters are thankfully very easy to beat. If one grabs you, slash the arm to make it let go. If one pops up at a distance, hit it with an ice/fire arrow combo to kill it instantly. You can even parry its grab. A side note is that if you throw a bomb at it the floor master will pick it up and throw it back unless you time your throw so it blows up in their hand.

[edit] Gyorg


Name: Gyorg

Attack: Rams your boat.

Description: Gyorgs can only be found at sea. They will always swim past you before turning around to charge, so you have plenty of time to simply change direction or kill it before it begins its charge. If one is about to hit you, jump to avoid the attack.

[edit] Kargaroc


Name: Kargaroc

Attack: Swoops you.

Description: Flying bird enemies. They hover in front of your face for several seconds before attacking, so they aren't very hard to kill. They are most difficult when you are trying to fly a seagull near their nests. If possible, use one seagull to lure them close to Link so he can kill them, and then another to complete the task you set out to do.

[edit] Keese


Name: Keese

Attack: They hover in front of your face before swooping you.

Description: Extremely simple enemies. When they stop in front of you, smack them with your sword. If they are of the fire variety, nothing changes except the damage they do.

[edit] Magtail


Name: Magtail

Attack: Attacks with ferocious pincers.

Description: Scorpion-esque enemies who live in fiery caverns. There are two ways to deal with a magtail. The first is to simply hit it with your sword, which will make it curl up and become harmless for a limited time, so you can use them to weigh down switches. If you want to kill them, one parry attack will do.

[edit] Miniblin


Name: Miniblin

Attack: They stand in front of you and laugh, then poke you with their tridents.

Description: Think of miniblins as small imps with pathetically weak attacks. The only thing that makes miniblins noticeable is their persistence. If you kill one, it will likely forever respawn at its original location. Miniblins often appear in groups, but one sword slash will take one down. Using the skull hammers normal ground attack will stun them because of the shock wave (sometimes they will fly straight upwards) and the hammer swing will send them flying very far.

[edit] Moblin


Name: Moblins

Attack: Swings a long spear at you, or thrusts the spear forward.

Description: Moblins are the bigger, uglier version of the Bokoblins. They walk around grunting, and when they spot you they run towards you to fight. You can only parry their attack if they swing their spear, the poke must be blocked. They sometimes carry lanterns that they can use to set you alight. Moblins will also run away in panic if you use a bomb on them after you blew them up with one already.

[edit] Morth


Name: Morth

Attack: N/A

Description: These small spiked balls will grab onto you if you walk past and slow you down. When running they will jump at you, walk by them slowly so they don't jump on you but, if you make contact with one while walking it will still attach to you. Do a spin attack to shake them off or roll to get them off but, they will still be alive if you roll. If you use the deku leaf on them they will be blown into the sky and will fall slowly unable to get you. The boomerang will also kill them.

[edit] Mothula


Name: Mothula

Attack: It can shoot Morths at you to slow you down, and will also charge you. If it has wings, it will swoop you as well.

Description: Mothulas are extremely susceptible to fire arrows. Until then, it is easiest to stun them/cut off their wings with the boomerang and attack their eye with your sword.

[edit] Octo (Giant)


Name: Giant Octo

Attack: Once you get trapped in its whirlpool, you will slowly get sucked towards it until it sucks you up and spits you out.

Description: Giant Octos are rare, and can only be found at sea. Once they appear, destroy all of their eyes using the boomerang, canon or arrows before you get sucked up. Octos often leave behind big rewards.

[edit] Octorok


Name: Octorok

Attack: Spits rocks at you.

Description: A regular sized Octorok pops up when you get within its range and spits purple spikey rocks in your direction. Reflect them back with your shield to kill them.

[edit] Peahat


Name: Peahat

Attack: Flies towards you and rams you.

Description: Peahats are invulnerable while they are airborne. Either blow their propellers off with the Deku Leaf or cut them with the boomerang. Once on the ground, slash a Peahat with your sword to kill it.

[edit] Poe


Name: Poe

Attack: Will first throw a lantern at you, and then will try and posses you. Once possessed, all your controls are reversed.

Description: Poes are dead, wandering ghosts. Shine light on them to make them solid, then attack them with your sword before they become transparent again.

[edit] Rat


Name: Rat

Attack: Runs into you and steals your money.

Description: There isn't much to say about rats. Hit them with any weapon you have to kill them. If you throw bait for them, they might share their stash with you.

[edit] Re-Dead


Name: Re-Dead

Attack: First they paralyze you with their scream, then jump on your back and feast on your brain.

Description: Re-Deads appear to be zombies. They are very slow moving, but that is counter-acted by the fact they can make you immobile for long periods of time. Either approach them quickly from behind with a jump attack, or shine light on them to freeze them for a safer approach.

[edit] Red / Yellow Wizzrobe


Name: Red Wizzrobe

Attack: Shoots fireballs at you and teleports around them room.

Description: The easiest way to kill a wizzrobe is to pepper it with arrows. Two regular arrows will kill it, while one fire arrow will take it down.

Name: Yellow Wizzrobe

Attack: Summons more enemies to the arena.

Description: Its appearance is similar to that of the regular wizzrobe, but it summons other enemies to fight rather than shooting fireballs at you. They are more durable than regular wizzrobes, and tougher to hit because of the distractions other enemies create.

[edit] Seahat


Name: Seahat

Attack: Rams your boat from the air.

Description: Seahats are found only at sea, and usually in very large groups of 25 or more. They are very big, and will chase your boat if you try and sail past them. They can be beaten with the boomerang, but it is usually safer to just try and escape them.

[edit] Stalfos


Name: Stalfos

Attack: Swings its club at you, spins around swinging its club, rips out one of its own arms and swings it at you if it has no club, its abdomen can chase you and kick you if it becomes disconnected.

Description: Extremely durable skeletons. No matter how many times you hit its body, it wont die until you smash its skull after making the skeleton crumble. It can be comical to let them live, as they rip off body parts and attack you with them if there is no weapon available. Shooting them with arrows will make their head spin for a few moments giving you time to do other things if you can stop laughing at it.

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