Dragon Roost Island

Dragon Roost Island is the home to the Rito tribe and the great dragon, Valoo. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, is located in quadrant F2 on your Sea Chart, and is also where Link learns his first Wind Waker song, the Requiem of Wind. Link's mission here is to find out what is angering Valoo, so that Prince Komali can ask him for a scale that will allow him to fly, and with Medli's help, he journeys through Dragon Roost Cavern, the game's first 'real' Dungeon, not counting the Forsaken Fortress. Once he reaches the top though, he realizes that Valoo's cries are the product of a large, fiery, snake-like creature attacking his tail. Once this beast is defeated, Prince Komali receives his scale and grows his wings, and in return, he gives you Din's Pearl.

[edit] Heart Pieces

Enter the Rito's main building and go to the second floor. Play the mail-sorting mini game at the mail desk. Sort 10, 20, and 25 envelopes in 30 seconds, then exit the building and reenter. A new worker will be there. Talk to him, then sort 25 letters in 30 seconds again and he will give you a letter. Mail the letter in any postbox (there is one near the front of the island). Play the Song of Passing twice to advance to the next day. Check the mailbox again to receive two letters, one of which contains a Piece of Heart.

To get another Piece of Heart, give 20 Golden Feathers to the Rito standing watch near the mail center. You can find these by stealing them from Peahats and Kargarocs. Once you give him the feathers, play the Song of Passing twice to make one day go by. Check the mailbox to receive another letter containing a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Treasure Charts

To get the first of two Treasure Charts, go inside Dragon Roost Cavern. Once you have obtained the Grappling Hook, return to the entrance of the dungeon. From here, go north, and then southwest. Hook the beam over the lava and swing across to open the Chest containing Treasure Chart #39.

or the second one, kill all of the Bokoblins hiding in pots in a room on the second floor, then get a Deku Stick. Light both torches in the room for a Chest with Treasure Chart #11.

[edit] Additional Items

If you have the Tingle Tuner, you can find a Tingle Statue inside Dragon Roost Cavern. With the Tingle Tuner operational, go to the northernmost room on the 1st floor and use your grappling hook to jump across a lava pit and onto a ledge. Use a Tingle Bomb there and a chest containing the statue will appear!

To get a Silver Rupee, cross the small body of water on the front of the island, then look up to see a long line of Bomb Flowers. Shoot one, and the rest will explode, causing a chest containing a Silver Rupee to drop.

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