Darunia is a Goron in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is the leader of the Hylian Gorons, and the King Of Hyrule's sworn brother. He looks fierce, but despite that he loves music and dance, and cares a lot for everyone. Darunia becomes the Sage of Fire when Link completes the Fire Temple.

Ganondorf visited the Goron tribe before Link did and demanded that the Gorons give him the Spiritual Stones, which is also known as the Goron's Ruby. Ganondorf said to the Gorons that if they did not hand over the Goron's Ruby, he would cut off the Goron's main source of food, Dodongo's Cavern. Despite all of this, Darunia still refused to give the stone to Ganondorf. To protect the Goron's Ruby, Darunia locked himself in his room with it, waiting for the messenger of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Link had then arrived. Link went to Darunia's room, and played Zelda's Lullaby for him. Darunia recognized this song, and opened the door, only to find out the messenger was just a boy, and so thus Darunia refused to talk to him about the Goron's Ruby. Link found out that Darunia really liked music and dance, so then Link thought the only way Darunia would talk to him was if he played a song likely to get Darunia in a good mood, and this was Saria's Song. And so he did play it, and caused Darunia to start dancing madly. But alas, Darunia still wasn't going to give up. To prove Link's worth, Darunia challenged Link to destroy the monsters that lie within Dodongo's cavern.

Link did this, completed Dodongo's cavern and defeated King Dodongo. Once Link left the cavern, Darunia was there waiting to congratulate Link on his efforts. Darunia then asked Link if he could become his sworn brother, and to show this by giving him the Goron's Ruby.

In Link's seven year absence, Darunia had a son, who he named after Link. Sure to tell him everything about the legendary 'Dodongo Buster'. Shortly before Link returned, once again, Ganondorf returned to the Goron Tribe. He freed Volvagia, and imprisoned the Goron Tribe, with intentions of Volvagia devouring them. Darunia and his son managed to escape, but Darunia headed back for the Fire Temple in hope to save his people. He instructed his son to let no-one follow him. Then Link met with Link. Link helped Link and told him about the entrance to Death Mountain.

Link then met up with Darunia once more in the Fire Temple. Darunia was overjoyed to see Link, but did not have any time for chatter. He asked Link for his help again. Link helped Darunia, and he freed the Gorons and defeated Volvagia. Link was then transported to the Chamber of Sages, too meet none other that Darunia, the new Sage of Fire. Darunia thanked Link, and gave him the Fire Medallion.

At the end of the game, after Link defeats Ganon, Darunia and the other sages use their powers to seal away the forces of Ganon. At the ending, Darunia can be seen looking over Hyrule's celebration of Ganon's defeat along with the other Sages.

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