Cave of Ordeals

Cave of Ordeal Entrance
Cave of Ordeals Fairy

In the Gerudo Dessert in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess there is a large rock in the middle of the dessert which is supposed to be a part of a bridge once you and Midna have transported the large mass there will be a cave/hole in the ground if you enter into the cave you will find that it is a large dungeon, this is the Cave of Ordeals.

The large extra dungeon constists of fifty floors that get harder and harder as you progress, each room is filled with enemies and after every ten floors you will be greated by a fairy.The Fairy will explain that after every ten floors fairies will flock to a certain spring in Hyrule granted you unlimited fairies, also the fairy will tell you that every 10 floors will call for a certain item such as the Clawshot or the Ball and Chain.

This dungeon is best attempted after you have collected all the heart pieces.

Tips:having the Magic Armor is a big help throughout the dungeon as you will find youself in a situation where there are many monsters but you have a lot of rupees but not very many hearts.

Another tip is to never go without arrows, even when you are in the dungeon don't run out as you will find that there are times where you would need them to proceed.Thus meaning you should be carrying around the Big Quiver.

Bottles are a must aswell, before heading out stock up on four fairies as that is the max. with bottles.

Digging is also very helpful.In your wolf form you may be able to dig various items using your wolf senses.

Lastly, the items that you need to get through each set of ten floors are as followed:

The Spinner Floors 11.

The Ball and Chain Floors 21.

The Dominion Rod Floors 31.

The Double Clawshot Floor 41.

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