Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


[edit] Mid Boss: Ook the Monkey King

Ook is a monkey who thinks that he is better than everyone since he has the Gale Boomerang. To beat the monkey basically you have to track the monkey as he hops from pillar to pillar. When he stops to throw the Gale Boomerang at the evil plants on the ceiling, roll attack the pillar. To make it easier to get him he'll occasionally do a little dance and this gives you time to attack the pillar. He'll be shaken up, and the boomerang will knock him to the ground. Just attack the bulbous hindquarters until he gets back up. Simply repeat this until he is slain.

[edit] Twilit Parasite: Diababa


This battle consists of two phases. The first is simple, as the two plant heads that pop up only have one attack, which you can completely avoid by standing back from the water's edge. Get out the Gale Boomerang and target one of the bomb spiders, then target one of the heads. One bomb each sends them down. After taking down the heads, they quickly regenerate, this time accompanied by a much larger and more menacing third head. This is the real Diababa. At first you wont be able to hurt him at all, because the bomb spiders from before have disappeared. Wait a few moments however, and Ook the Monkey King from earlier will reappear, carrying spider bombs with him. Target the bomb in his grasp, then target the main head. The bomb will explode in it's mouth, causing it to fall forward and reveal it's tongue-eye. Slash at the tongue to cause him damage. You should only need to repeat this one more time to finish him off.

[edit] Mid Boss: Dangoro

As soon as this battle begins, put on your Iron Boots so you can stay on the platform. Walk/roll your way near an edge, then turn around so that your back is to the edge and you're facing Dangoro. The Goron will approach and just stand there. Wait until it rears its fist back to punch you, or raises its hands to pound you. At this point, attack the soft underbelly until he rolls into a ball. After a split-second, the "A prompt" will appear with a Grab option. As soon as it shows up hold down the button and, like any wrangled goat, the Dangoro will be grabbed and tossed behind you. If you distanced yourself well enough, you'll toss him into the lava. After he's been dipped in air-exposed magma three times victory shall be yours.

[edit] Twilit Igniter: Fyrus


When the fight starts, run away from Fyrus and put some distance between you. Turn to face him and get out your bow and arrows, aiming at the glowing crystal on his head. Shoot him once to temporarily blind him. Run to the chains around his feet and press the A button to grab on, then put on the Iron Boots to prevent yourself being dragged around by Fyrus as he stampedes around the arena. After you pull back on his chains enough, he'll trip over, giving you a clean shot at his head with your sword. Run over, and attack the crystal with your sword. I suggest using jump attacks, as it is easier and makes the battle shorter. Repeat this once more, and on the third time do a Finishing Blow on the crystal. Then victory is yours!

[edit] Mid Boss: Great Deku Toad

The first thing Deku Toad does is detatch all the little tadpole from his back and send them after you. Just slash away until they've been dispatched. Once they're gone, the Deku Toad hops up to the ceiling. Start running and, when you see a large shadow appear on the ground, roll out of the way to avoid being squished by the large behemoth. After it hits the ground it'll be stunned. Take this opportunity to attack its lolling tongue with your sword. After he gets back up, just repeat this until he is no more.

Here's a fun alternate strategy. After the first time he falls to squish you, lock onto him and wait. When he roars, fire a Bomb Arrow at him. He'll swallow it, then be stunned when it explodes, which gives you an opportunity to attack its tongue without having to repeat the process.

[edit] Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel


Another two-phase fight. When the battle starts, quickly move away from Morpheel's tentacles, otherwise they'll grab you and drag you into his mouth. If you do get caught by the tentacles, take off the Iron Boots immediately or you'll just fall back into it's mouth. Once you're out of range, get out the Clawshot and aim for the eye that appears periodically inside a random tentacle. Once you've pulled out the eye, get in as many hits as you can before it escapes back to Morpheel. After doing this once, Bomb Fish will come out of Morpheel's mouth and swim around the arena which prevent you from getting an easy lock onto the eye. Spin attack the fish to get rid of them and repeat the process of clawshotting his eye until he moves into phase two. Morpheel will begin swimming around the battlefield, so take off your Iron Boots so you can keep up. Swim up above Morpheel and aim your clawshot at the eye, which is now on the back of his neck. Once you're on top of him, slash away until he shakes you off. Repeat this process another couple of times to down this pushover.

[edit] Mid Boss: Death Sword

To get this battle started, just whack one of the ropes attatched to the sword with your sword. Once this battle starts, morph into wolf form and use your Sense. Once you can see Death Sword, just attack it once it turns solid, and try not to get attacked yourself. After a successful hit, he turns visible, so swap back to your human form. He'll circle the room, then swoop in for an attack. While he's circling, just hit him with an arrow and he'll get angry and start circling faster. Follow his path, and shoot him when he stops to attack you to stun him. At this point, move in for the attack. Repeat as necessary.

[edit] Twilit Fossil: Stallord


Begin by getting out the spinner and attaching yourself to the spinner track around the field. The aim for this part of the battle is to attack Stallord's spine three times using the spinner's jump attack. The first hit is easy, just jump off the spinner track and head straight for his backbone, hitting the B button when you collide to perform the attack. The next time you try this, things will be more difficult; Stallord will summon skeleton minions who pose no threat to you physically, but block your path towards Stallord's spine. Focus your attack on a single area, because once you kill a minion it wont respawn the next time you go in. Three hits and Stallord goes down. Head to the spinner slot near Stallord's head and keep spinning until the central column rises up. Stallord's head (minus his body) will reanimate, knocking you off the top platform and back down to ground level. Luckily, spinner tracks around the pillar provide you with a quick way back to the top. As you ride the central column, spike mines will appear. When one appears in front of you, hope over to the tracks on the other wall. Remember that only the tracks on the column gradually get higher, the tracks on the wall remain at a constant level and wont bring you any closer to Stallord. When you get within range of Stallord's head, the mines will disappear and he will begin shooting fireballs at you. Jump from wall to wall to avoid his attack, and eventually you'll be able to hit him by jumping off the track. He'll drop back down to the ground, giving you an opportunity to attack with your sword. Complete this process three times to finish Stallord off for good.

[edit] Mid Boss: Darkhammer

His only attack is to swing the Ball and Chain at you. The key to defeating him is to stay within the arc of the chain (so that the ball swings around you) and try to roll behind him. Not always easy, but a well-timed Back Slice will do the trick. You can also hang back until he launches the ball at you. Dodge it, then run in and attack his vulnerable tail. After a few hits, he'll fall and relinquish his weapon.

[edit] Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta


Blizzeta will start to slowly move about the room, bouncing from wall to wall. Hit her with the Ball and Chain to decrease her size, and also make her faster. Eventually, the ice barrier around her will disppear completely, and Blizzeta will move onto her second phase. She'll create several large ice shards, then float upwards and out of view. Use her reflection in the ice below to see where she's going to drop the shards, and make sure you're not within their circle. When they drop, quickly attack the shards with the Ball and Chain. This wont hurt Blizzeta, but will make it easier to do so next time. With some ice shards destroyed, there will be a hole in the circle she creates with them. Stand outside that opening and hit Blizzeta with the Ball when she lands. Repeat this two more times, each time with more falling ice shards, and Yeta will be freed from the Mirror's curse. Yeto will appear, but don't worry. He doesn't seem to care that you were beating up on his wife.

[edit] Mid Boss: Darknut

There are a couple different ways you can approach this guy. You can use the Helm Splitter on him repeatedly, or try to Back Slice him, which is a little easier to accomplish while jumping toward his sword hand, and then attack a few times when he's stunned. You can also try to use a Mortal Blow and then try to get some attacks in, though the mortal blow actually does less damage than the Back Slice. The last way is to wait patiently in front of him until he attacks, at which point you can either try to get an attack in before his connects or dodge his and move in before he gets his guard back up.

Once you find a method that works for you, keep at it until you knock away all of his armor. At this point he's much more agile and deadly. I find the Back Slice to work well. Typically, he'll deflect the initial blow. However, this also knocks him off his guard, which is a perfect time to strike. After a few well-timed hits, he'll fall.

[edit] Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma


This new incarnation of Gohma makes for an incredibly boring fight. Get out your Bow and keep your aim on Gohma. Eventually she'll stop, and the eyeball on her back will open up and start firing a laser beam all over the place. Shoot the eye with an arrow and Gohma will drop. Use the Dominion Rod on a nearby statue and use it to smash Gohma. She'll crawl back up onto the roof and force you to repeat the cycle twice more, this time however she sends out little baby spiders that rush you and make taking your shot slightly more difficult. After three smashes, Gohma will be gone. Unfortunately, her eye (which is itself a tiny spider) is going to make one last stand. A single bomb arrow will kill off her final "form".

[edit] Mid Boss: Aeralfos

The Aeralfos floats around the stage near window level. After some more aimless hovering, it'll raise its shield and then divebomb you. When you see the shield raise, use the Clawshot to pull him to the ground. Once he's down, slash away with your Master Sword until he gets up again. He'll hop up but stay on the ground, and perform some standard melee attacks. Just dodge those and wait for an opportunity to strike. After a hit or two, he'll go back to hovering. Just repeat this until he's finished.

[edit] Twilit Dragon: Argorok


Prepare yourself for one of the game's best battles. Argorok begins fairly harmless. Your only goal at this point is to use the Double Clawshot to grapple between two of the grapple posts, and then latch onto Argorok's tail once you get high enough. As soon as you're hanging from his tail, put on the Iron Boots to drag him to the ground. Do this twice and Argorok will cast off his armor, beginning the second phase. Grapple yourself up between two posts once again, but this time you need to aim for the top. Once you get there, clawshot up to one of the newly-spawned peahats that are now floating in the sky. Once Argorok reaches your level, begin quickly grappling from one peahat to the next to stay ahead of the dragon's fire breath. Once you're behind him, manually aim your clawshot at his back. This will drag you in to him and, much like in the Morpheel battle, you'll be standing on his back and slashing away until he falls and shakes you off. This process needs to be done two further times, but he makes slight alterations to his routine each time. During your second ascent up the posts, Argorok will begin breathing fire in an attempt to knock you down. During the third and final round, Argorok will wait for you to climb up to the peahats, then start chasing you in one direction with his fire. Abruptly, he'll stop chasing you and start blowing flames in front of you, going in the opposite direction, chasing you away from your original direction. Some quick reflexes will see you avoid this maneouvre and safely land the final hit.

[edit] Mid Boss: Phantom Zant

He'll appear twice, and both times will be exactly the same. Phantom Zant will appear and summon some enemies. Shortly after this, he'll disappear, then reappear somewhere in the room. Eventually he'll stop disappearing and reappearing and begin to summon a new batch of enemies. The key to defeating him is to strike when he begins the summon. If you time it right, you'll not only hurt him but you'll also cancel the summon. Just keep hitting him in this fashion until he's defeated.

[edit] Usurper King: Zant


Zant's battle is ridiculously long, with more distinct phases than any other boss. This fight is basically a retread of other fights you've already had in the game, with Zant teleporting you to previous locations for each round. The first round takes place in the Forest Temple boss room. Get out your Gale Boomerang and hit Zant with it to drag him towards you. Hit him with your sword until he gets away. Do this again, then he'll process to the next phase. Now we're in the Goron Mines miniboss room. Zant shakes the rock in an attempt to knock you off, but the Iron Boots aren't necessary here unless you're really close to the edge. When Zant stops rocking, he'll begin firing quick energy shots. Its pointless trying to dodge, so just ignore them and run up to Zant and attack him with your sword. Another go of this, and we're off to round three. Lakebed Temple boss room. Zant will appear within a giant Zant head and begin firing his little energy shots at you. Equip the Iron Boots and the Zora Tunic, then use the clawshot to drag him out of the head. Hit him until he retreats. Next time, multiple Zant heads will appear, but only one will contain Zant. If he appears in a head that is out of clawshot reach, take off the Iron Boots and quickly swim over to him. Remember that you can only use your sword underwater if you have the Boots equipped. Now for round four. Forest Temple miniboss room. He'll hop from pole to pole, eventually stopping to fire his energy shots at you. Again, just take the damage and run right through them, rolling into Zant's pole. Use the Boomerang to knock him down, then attack him before he gets up. Do this twice, and its time for the fifth round. We're in the Snowpeak Mansion boss room, now. Zant will somehow grow to gigantic proportions, but one hit from the Ball and Chain will cause him to shrink to miniature size and become vulnerable to sword attacks. Again, do it twice to progress to the sixth (and final) round. Outside Hyrule Castle, and Zant decides to get serious. Drawing dual blades, he has two attacks in his repertoire; A frenzy of basic slashes while running towards you, or a moving spin attack. Both techniques can be blocked simply by shielding, but making him vulnerable is tricky. You need to position yourself so that Zant misses you with his spin attack and hits the magic barrier instead. This will make him briefly tire out and become vulnerable. Alternatively, you can just try slashing him when he runs towards you flailing his swords, but the aforementioned technique is much more effective.

[edit] Ganon's Puppet Zelda

Puppet Zelda

The first battle in the penultimate confrontation is against Princess Zelda, who has been possessed by Ganondorf's dark powers. Zelda can perform three moves, and only one is counter-able. She can swoop at Link and try and hit him with her sword, but this is easily dodged by rolling to the side. Her second attack is a gigantic, glowing Triforce symbol that appears on the ground. Once you see the golden triangle, roll away before it glows more intensly and does damage. Her final attack, and the one you want, is an energy ball attack. When she throws it at you, hit it with your sword to bounce it back to her. Play tennis until Zelda misses a return; The energy will hit her and cause damage. Do this three times to defeat Ganon's puppet.

[edit] Dark Beast Ganon


Ganon takes up his pig form and starts charging around the room. Stay out of his way, and wait for him to disappear. Once he does, glowing red portals will start appearing around the room. Follow them as they appear, and wait for one to turn blue. Get out your Bow and aim at the portal, and when Ganon runs out of it, shoot the crystal on his forehead to knock him over (be careful to dive out of the way after shooting, otherwise he'll slide right into you). Attack his stomach to cause damage. The second time he disappears, he wont come out of a portal. Instead, he'll fall down on top of you. Dodge this and wait for him to disappear again, as this time he will run out of a portal. Shoot the crystal and slash his stomach to proceed to the next phase. Arrows no longer stop Ganon when he charges out of a portal, so switch to wolf form and wait for him to come at you. Press and hold the A button at the right time and Midna's head-hand will grab him, then press left or right on the control stick to flip him over in the desired direction (similar to goat wrestling at the start of the game). Stay in wolf form and attack his stomach. Do this once more and Ganon is toast.

[edit] Ganondorf on Horseback

Before the final fight, you're going to have to knock Ganondorf off his horse. To do that, you'll need to get close enough to him for Zelda to stun him with a Light Arrow, then even closer so you can hit him with your sword. This is made difficult by Ganondorf's tendancy to start chasing you in circles if you get too close, and his ability to summon ghost riders who get in your way when you're closing in on him. The best strategy against these guys is to just start swinging right before they appear, and hope you hit them before they hit you. You only get to hit Ganondorf once each time Zelda stuns him, so make the hit count: Using spin attacks, Ganondorf will be defeated in three hits. Using only regular attacks, he'll be defeated in four.

[edit] Dark Lord Ganondorf


This is it, the final fight. Ganondorf fights very similarly to the armored knights you fought in his castle (and as the miniboss in the Temple of Time), the difference being his defences are much harder to penetrate. There are two ways to handle Ganondorf, and which way you choose will depend on whether you want to beat him quickly or if you want a real challenge. The quick and dirty way to beat him is stand away from him, and wait for him to charge. As he gets close, the A button will appear on-screen with the word "Chance". Hit the button to lock yourself into a sword struggle with Ganondorf. Tap A as quickly as possible to overpower the brute, then while he's stunned, let fly as many spin attacks as you can manage before he begins to defend. You can get up to six spin attacks and they hit twice. The second method requires the strategic use of the back slice. Ganondorf can usually defend against these, but if you can dodge one of his attacks and perform the back slice almost immediately, you can get in one or two hits before Ganondorf comes back to his senses. Keep in mind he doesn't stay stunned for long when you don't use "Chance" to overpower him, so you may only get in three to four attacks at a time using the back slice method. After you've damaged Ganondorf enough, he'll fall onto his back and the "Finish" command will appear on the screen. Press A to perform a glorified Ending Blow, and finish off the King of Evil once and for all.

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