Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Stuck on a boss? No worries, just use this simple guide and you'll be kicking butt in no time.


[edit] Bosses


[edit] Gohma


Gohma is the first boss you encounter in the game, and he isn't too much trouble as long as you know what to do and when. The Grappling Hook is needed to win. So have it equipped before entering his chamber. Walk towards the lava so the fight begins. If you get stuck between his claws there are openings you can roll through. If you take aim your Grappling Hook to the roof, you will see the Great Valoo's tail hanging out. Swing on the tail a few times before landing back on the ground to cause the ceiling to crash down. What which i think worked out better was when you swing on Valoo's tail there should be a couple wood ledges try to land on one of those as Gohma will not be able to smash you with its claws and as soon as Valoo's tail reappears you can re grapple to it, then when your swinging just let go when your above the wooden platform you were above before. Repeat this two more times and you will then expose Gohma and make him vulnerable. Get your Grappling Hook out and aim for his head. It will drag him forwards giving you a few seconds to slash at his eye. Repeat the process which will lead to his death.

Kalle Demos

[edit] Kalle Demos


Kalle Demos can be a tough boss to beat if you don't have your wits about you. Tentacles will fly at you and attempt to slash at you, it can also send them through the floor in which case just keep running. There are two ways to avoid them. You can run around the room and allow them to chase you or back yourself again the wall and use your shield to defend yourself. Once the tentacles have attacked you, they will return to the bulb to rest briefly. Take the quick opportunity to get your Boomerang out and cut the vines holding the bulb up, u should be able to get a good chunk with one throw and might even have time for a second throw. Take too long to cut them down and they will begin to reattach to the ceiling. As the tentacles return to slash you they come quite frequently so this makes this boss quite the pain. Once you have cut all the vines, the bulb will drop down and open up. Inside will be a piece of the plant you can attack. Run in and give it three or four good jump attacks then get out because it will suck you in and throw you out causing some good damage. The key to this is to be quick with the boomerang. Any couple seconds you get can be used to cut some tentacles so use them and it you have to cancel out to avoid them don't worry. Repeat this a couple times giving the inside of the plant good jump attacks and multiple slashes and it will die and spit Makar back out along with a heart container.


[edit] Gohdan


Have your arrows and bombs equipped. Gohdan has various techniques of attacking you each which do a good amount of damage so read carefully. his mouth will begin to glow and start running around him as he will exploding fire balls at you in which case you should keep moving and roll around to avoid. Or will attempt to crush you with his hands or push you onto the electric floor which borders the room and glows(on the side). If you get pushed too far in your pretty much done try to get back on the platform as soon as possible. The best method in defeating Gohan is to fire two arrows at each of his hands and then the same with his eyes. Then he will temporary freeze and his mouth will open when this happens throw a bomb in his mouth and he will shake a little bit then it will blow up. Once you get the feel for the this battle it can be quite easy. If you take out the hands early you only have to worry about the fire ball attack and shoot the eyes. If you happen to run out of arrows Gohan is kind enough to give you some out of his nose. When he is defeated he will go back into the wall and you should exit the room.


[edit] Helmaroc King


When water floods the room start to run up the stairs, Helmaroc doesn't pose much of a challenge at this stage in the fight. He will start of by using two attacks. He will either peck at you or dive on you. You can easily dodge the diving attack but you want him to try and peck at you. Run up the stairs so Helmaroc will start to chase you enemies will emerge from the vases just ignore them and run past they will get destroyed by Helmaroc King probably. Once you get to the top he will block off your entrance so break out the skull hammer and swing away. He will fall to the floor and you should climb too top in which the floor will close and Helmaroc King will fly up. He has 3 Attacks he will either use his wings to try to blow you into the surrounding spikes do your best to keep away from them. Next he will fly into the air circle around and scratch his talons on the floor, a quick dodge roll should work to avoid it. Or he will land walk towards you and peck at you, and his beak will get stuck. When this happens bash his helmet with the skull hammer, repeat till it breaks off and his head is exposed. Then when his beak gets stuck again use your sword and slash away, repeat till he is defeated


[edit] Jalhalla


Jalhalla starts off transparent, so use your mirror shield and focus sunlight on him for a few moments and he will turn solid. Go up to him and grab him with 'a' and then toss him at one of the purple spikes (with 'a'). He will then explode, turning himself into many poes so stun them with a boomerang and strike them with your sword. Or if you have learned the hurricane spin this would be a good time to use it as you can take out many poes at once. Eventually he will turn back into his normal form, so repeat the process until all the poes are gone. His attacks include blowing you towards the spikes and shooting flames at you.


[edit] Molgera


Molgera, as you can see, is a giant Sandworm much like the infamous Stone Tower bosses on Majora's Mask. Molgera's only weak point is its tongue, so when Molgera rises to the surface, press L to target the tongue and make sure you have your iron boots on because if you don't you will be pull to it instead of the tongue pulled to you and use the Hookshot to pull it towards you. Attack it as much as possible before the tongue withdraws back into the mouth. Molgera will release a swarm of baby worms, but they are more of a nuisance than a threat. However, their presence is effective, because targeting the tongue is nearly impossible with all of the mini-Molgeras running around. You can either destroy them or ignore them, depending on your gameplay style. If you choose the first option, target one of the smaller worms and use the Hookshot to pull them out of the sand. Defeat them with a few strikes of the Master Sword. The second option is easier, even though you will probably have to fire the Hookshot at the tongue manually rather than with the accuracy of L-targeting. You will lose 2 Hearts if you get hit by Molgera's diving attack, or if the creature swallows you and spits you back out so make sure you are carrying some fairies or Grandma's soup. The Boss is defeated after you perform 4 combos on the tongue.

Puppet Ganon

[edit] Puppet Ganon


Phase 1 For his first form, use the Boomerang to cut down the five blue strings supporting him. The hardest one to get is the tail, which stinks because that's the one you want. Shoot his glowing blue tail with a Light Arrow whenever you get an opening. Hit it with three and it'll be down.

Phase 2 Now he's a spider thing. You, again, have to hit him in the shining blue tail. This form's probably the easiest. The trick is to pan the camera up as high as possible, which will allow you to see his reflection from the ceiling. When he drops down, he'll release various Keese, but if you've been watching, you'd know to go over to where his tail is and to shoot it with a Light Arrow. Three arrows beat this form.

Phase 3 Form 3 is arguably the most difficult. It'll slither around very fast and drop Morths, which you can use for powerups. Hitting it with the sword or a Light Arrow in the face will stun it, but only very briefly. There are two good ways to stun it. One way is to use a simple Spin Attack, which will freeze it for a good three seconds. Also, try blasting a Bomb in its face. At that opening, fire a Light Arrow to the tail. Also, it's harder, but where the head goes, the tail must follow, so just aim for the head and the tail will be in that same spot seconds later. It's tough, but three Light Arrows will destroy the puppet. Another possible way is to follow the head and establish a lead over the tail so you release an arrow and the tail intercepts it. Hard yes but quite effective


[edit] Ganondorf


Ganondorf will draw his two swords and start. He's by far the finest combatant in the game. Simple strikes will just be blocked by his superior technique, though, so the only way you'll get a decent shot on him is to Parry one of his movements by pressing 'a' just before he attacks you. Zelda says she'll cover you with the bow, so keep him busy so she can get a clean shot. After a few of those shots, Ganondorf will get annoyed and swat her to the ground. Keep your match up with him. Parry his attacks then repeatedly slash him while he's stunned. Eventually, Zelda will get back up. Speak to her and she'll get the idea of reflecting the Light Arrow off your shield. Put up your shield when she fires and Ganondorf will take some serious damage and stun him greatly. (This is much easier to do if Link, Ganon, and Zelda are standing in a triangle). Take advantage of this and press A to parry him and make sure that you'll give Ganondorf a giant headache.

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