Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Here is a list of all of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:


[edit] Stagnox

Stagnox, Armored Colossus


The battle begins with the boss sitting in the center of the arena. Occasionally, Stagnox will take a jab at Link, by thrusting its horn outward towards the edge of the arena. Take advantage of the momentary pause he takes after each attack by running around to his backside and using the Whirlwind to blow the toxic cloud away from his abdomen. With the smoke cleared you're free to strike his abdomen (multiple times is recommended), causing the boss to take damage. Repeat this process until Stagnox is forced to ascend above Link.

Each time Stagnox flies into the air, he will three shoot Blastworms into the arena. Take care of two of the worms, and Stagnox will have no choice but to rush at Link. This is your chance to inflict some more damage on the over-sized pest. Using his own Blastworms, send one flying back at him by using the Whirlwind to blow them towards the top screen, as he attempts to close in on Link. If your timing is right then the worm should collide with the boss, causing him to fall onto his back in the middle of the arena. Continue to slash away at his vulnerable abdomen until Stagnox goes down for good.

[edit] Fraaz

Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire


Fraaz will take on numerous different forms during the course of the battle, however all you really need to pay attention to is what's in his mouth. At the start of the battle, Fraaz will attempt to shoot either balls of ice, or balls of fire at Link. Watch out, especially for his icy attacks (Link loses a quarter of a heart every second that he's frozen!) Defeating him is easy though, as long as you pay attention to what he sucks into his mouth. If the boss inhales ice, use the nearby torch to collect a flame on your Boomerang and toss it at him. Likewise, if he inhales fire, send a chilly shot of your own using the available icy torch. Repeat this process until the boss separates itself into two smaller creatures.

The next phase of the battle can particularly annoying, especially if you haven't quite gotten the hang of throwing the Boomerang. One of the creatures will suck up fire, while the other inhales ice. The object of this phase is to use the elements against one another, so do as you have been and send a fiery rang into the ice creature, and an icy rang into the other. Once stunned, run over to the miniature Frazz clones and continue hacking away. Continue stunning and slashing away at the mini Fraaz until the boss reforms into his original self. This is where things get tricky once again.

Phase three of the battle involves Fraaz destroying the torches you had been using to wreak havoc on him. Because there is no longer a way for you to damage Fraaz on your own, you'll have to wait until the boss attacks Link, before you can return the favor. Fraaz will either hurl balls of ice or fire at Link, so be prepared to jump out of the way (especially of the ice balls!) Use your Boomerang to grab some fire or ice and send it careening into the boss the moment he changes to the opposite element. The moment he falls to the ground stunned, run up and do your thing. You'll know he's starting to feel it when he picks up the pace a bit, tossing out fire and ice balls at a much faster rate than before. Stay calm, and continue avoiding his attacks. Repeat this pattern of waiting, then attacking two or three times to put out his flame permanently.

[edit] Phytops

Phytops, Barbed Menace


Avoid Phytops' tentacles, which he will use to put a constraint on where Link can move. Focus on staying in between the two tentacles, while you wait patiently for him to slam one of them down near Link. Use the Whip to pluck one of the spikes out of his tentacle, then sling it towards him, thereby clearing some of the gunk enshrouding his body. Repeat this process once more and the purple sludge should be completely cleared from his eye area. Grab another spike and hurl it into the beast's eye, which will result in it slamming into the ground in front of Link. Take this opportunity to get as many hits in as you can with your Sword.

Phytops will begin hurling the same purple gunk at Link. Thankfully, it's easy to avoid, but even if you do careless and take a hit you won't lose more than half of a heart. Continue dodging the gunk and tentacles as you've been doing, until Phytops pauses for a brief moment. Afterward, the first phase of the battle will repeat itself. Grab yet another spike from one of the tentacles and start removing that gunk from the boss's body all over again. Continue this process until you have another shot at Phytops' eye, and attempt to send him to the optometrist once more. As you begin to inflict more damage to Phytops, he will start rotating around the pool in an attempt make it more difficult for Link to reach his tentacles. Just run around the ugly mess until you secure a spike, and continue to cause him optic pain until he's defeated.

[edit] Cragma

Cragma, Lava Lord


The first phase of the battle is fairly straightforward; fire arrows into the glowing spots on Cragma's torso. This will cause the boss to retaliate by sending chunks of molten rock down from the ceiling. Locate the flaming boulder that falls, and slash at it with your Sword to reveal a platform. Take the platform to the nearby mine cart. This is where things get a little tricky. Ride the mine cart up the rails surrounding Cragma, shooting the glowing areas along the way. Occasionally the boss will attempt to knock Link out of the cart, either by smashing the cart or placing his hand along the rail to create an obstruction. Hit all of the glowing spots to prevent him from knocking you off. When you reach his eye level, fire an arrow into the boss's eye to stun him. This will allow you to attack him momentarily, until he gets up, at which point Link falls to the base of the arena. Repeat the entire process one or two more times to finish him off.

[edit] Byrne



This battle involves both Link and Princess Zelda, and requires a bit of patience as well. Byrne will leap around the pillars surrounding the arena, as he launches a variety of attacks at Link. He'll usually attempt to swipe at Link with his claws, however he occasionally mixes things up with some projectile attacks, such as tossing a ball of energy at Link or Zelda. The trick here is to bring him down to your level, and in order to do this you'll need Zelda's help. Have Zelda grab the chain attached to whichever claw he throws at Link, then draw a path that leads her away from the pillar he's standing on. This will cause him to lose his balance and fall to the floor, making him vulnerable to your sword attacks for a brief moment. When he regains consciousness, he'll ascend one of the pillars and start attacking Link once again. This pattern will repeat itself throughout the course of the battle, however, after you land a couple of successful hits on him, Byrne will adapt and begin attacking both Link and Zelda simultaneously from the ground. The only way to stop his charging attack is to have Zelda intercept him midway, which in turn will force him to focus his attention on her. While she's holding him still, run up close to him and slash away! Repeat this process two or so times until Byrne gives in.

[edit] Skeldritch

Skeldritch, Ancient Demon


From the get go, Skeldritch will begin hurling large boulders at Link. The only way to slow them down is to use the Sand Wand to lift the sand in front of their path of travel. Eventually, the boulder will stop moving altogether, allowing Link to push it on to one of the catapult-like contraptions that encircle the arena and fire it back at one of the boss's spinal column. Once you've destroyed two of Skeldritch's vertebrae, the boss will start firing a devastating laser that chases Link around the arena. Avoid the beam as best you can, and continue loading the nearby catapults with the boulders he spews out occasionally. The last three vertebrae are protected by thick pieces of armor, making it difficult to get to the vulnerable bones underneath. In order to destroy the last three segments of the boss's spine you'll need to get him to face the opposite direction from the loaded catapult. This can be accomplished by running around to the opposite side of the arena while Skeldritch is firing his laser beam. Repeat this process until only the skull remains.

With its spinal column destroyed, Skeldritch will float around the arena while attempting to make a meal of Link. In order to damage him, you'll need to strike the large, red jewel on the back of the boss's head, but first you'll need to slow him down. Break out the Sand Wand and try your best to surround him with a wall of sand, thereby immobilizing him. With Skeldritch incapable of attacking Link, lift yourself up to his level and go crazy with slashing the ruby-like jewel. Be quick though, as the boss will attempt to eat his way out of the sand prison almost immediately after being contained. Continue trapping and slashing away at the over-sized skull until it goes down in a cloud of black smoke.

[edit] Demon Train

Demon Train
Demon Train


This timed battle takes place on the tracks. If the timer runs out during the battle, Link will run off the tracks and into an abyss. During the first phase of the battle, Link will parallel the Demon Train, which will attempt to fire large bombs at him. The only way to avoid taking direct hits here is to hit the train with a bomb before it has a chance to retaliate. Using the Cannon, shoot the cannons alongside the Demon Train to prevent them from firing. The second cart will fire lasers at Link. Each cannon and laser takes two hits to destroy. After all cannons have been decimated, Link will catch up to the Train's face, at which point he can proceed to attack.

[edit] Chancellor Cole

Chancellor Cole
Chancellor Cole


The next phase of the battle involves the malicious chancellor, Cole. After taking control of Zelda's body, he will make his way to the front of the train. Your only objective here is to guide the Phantom to him, though it won't be easy. As you lead Zelda towards the front of the train, Cole, or rather Zelda's body which he's taken control of, will attempt to stop you by setting off a number of different traps. Of these, the one you really need to watch out for is his rat trap. Cole will summon ghostly rat enemies to attack Phantom Zelda. You must slash all of the rats before they reach her, otherwise Cole will take control of the Phantom. Should you find yourself at loss, use the Boomerang to trace a path to cut the strings and regain control over the Phantom. Occasionally, Cole will direct a laser beam at Link. Use the Phantom as a moving shield to protect yourself, as you continue to press onward towards Zelda's body.

Once you reach the princess's body, draw a path to it so the Phantom picks it up. Walk to the edge of the train and ready your Bow. Fire a Light Arrow at Zelda's body to release her from Cole's sinister grasp once and for all!

[edit] Malladus

Malladus, Demon King


As the final boss in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Malladus is no pushover! During the first phase of the battle, deflect the fireballs Malladus shoots at Zelda by slashing at them before they hit her. The Spin Attack is particularly useful here, especially as the angles at which Malladus fires become a little more elaborate. After you successfully defend against his attacks, he'll start jumping from left to right, in an attempt to get at Zelda.

Once Zelda's charged up enough power, she'll suggest combining her sacred power with that of the Spirit Flute. Get out the flute and play the notes she instructs you to. This is easily the most difficult song in the game, being that it requires you to make two jumps between notes. After you successfully play the song, Link and Zelda will be joined by the five Sanctuary Guardians who will reveal Malladus's weak spot!

During the next phase, Malladus becomes a lot more aggressive. You'll need to line up Zelda with a clear shot at the exposed weak spot on Malladus's back, which means you'll need to lure the beast away from facing Zelda. Run around the arena, slashing at Malladus's feet as you go along. This will cause the Demon King to focus his attention towards Link. Once you have your shot lined up, tap the Bow icon on the bottom screen to have Zelda fire a Light Arrow in to the beast's backside. After taking three direct hits, Malladus will drop to the floor. This is your chance to run over and attack the gem on Malladus's forehead. Continue hacking away at gem until one of the his horns shatters, at which point Malladus will stand up and begin pursuing Link again. Fire three more Light Arrows at the weak spot to make the boss fall to the ground again. Run over and jab your sword in to the gem, then rub the stylus back and forth rapidly until Zelda runs over and delivers the final blow with the help of one final Light Arrow.

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