Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

There are only 5 bosses in Majora's Mask, but each one presents its own challenges. Below are each of the bosses and strategies on how to defeat them.


[edit] Odolwa


When battling the boss of the Woodfall Temple, it is best to keep away from his sword. Sometimes, Odolwa will pause for a moment, and this is the best time to target him and attack with your arrows this will temporarly blind him and then attack him with your sword. Eventually he will send out a pack of spiders attack you. They die fairly easily, but you can kill more off at once with a bomb or with the magic spin attack if you collected all the stray fairys from this temle. If you take to long to then Odolwa will come at you with a spinning attack. This can be avoided with quick side stepping and a raised shield Keep repeating the process to defeat the boss. If you run out of arrows you can throw bombs at the boss as well. The trick is to keep your distance and destroy the spiders so you aren't distracted. Odolwa will also send out a swarm of deadly moths just run away and he will eventually torch them. If you get caught in his flame circle use the deku plant. Odolwa can be defeated in a mere couple of seconds if you have the diety mask equiped, also light arrows and the gilded sword make very light work of him if you come back and do this boss battle again. When he is defeated take his remains and take the deku princess in an empty bottle. Open her in front of the deku king.


[edit] Goht

Goht is incased in ice inside the Snowhead Temple. Before going any further, you should remember that there are magic vases to either hit or run over. Shoot a fire arrow at him and the battle will begin. Goht will start running and trampling things. Use your Goron Roll to chase Goht. Once you are between his legs, use your spikes to inflict damage. The beast will then ricochet lighting off the wall and into you to avoid this you must make a sharp, fast turn. This lightening cannot chase you and does not do any dammage. If you fall too far behind Goht will stop, turn around and fire lightening at you which can be carefully avoided (this does dammage you unlike the other kind he uses) Goht will also throw bombs at you which should be avoided as well as the falling stalactites. Controversly Goht can be defeated by standing in the entry way and firing fire arrows at him. This is a much safer approach but very time consuming, once he is defeated take his remains and the heart container and use the blue portal

[edit] Gyorg

Gyorg is the boss for the Great Bay Temple. Gyorg swims in the water, and he only gets out to attack you. You can go straight into the water and attack, but that is not recommended and it is highly difficult, since Gyorg has the advantage underwater. Please note that you are indeed fast as a Zora but YOU CANNOT OUT SWIN GYORG. The best strategy is to attack with arrows and your boomerang on dry land until Gyorg is unconscious. Then dive into the water as a Zora, and use your shield to do that most damage. Then, you need to get out of the water and repeat the process. Near the end, he starts spitting small fish out his mouth which can be easily taken out with the electric shield. Keep fighting until his energy is drained. If you run out of magic there are pots underwater in the corners. Take his remains and the heart container and use the blue portal


[edit] Twinmold

Before fighting the boss of Stone Tower, I either suggest having Chateau Romani which can be bought from the milk bar for 200 ruppees, which gives you unlimited magic unless you use the Song of Time, or have a lot if Magic potions, since you will be using magic for this fight. You will be fighting to worm looking creatures that are giant sized. When you get close you need to use the Giant's Mask. Then, you need to use either your sword or arrows to attack either a head or a tail. If you do run out of magic you need to hit a stone column to get some more. Keep fighting until both worms die. Twin mold usually pops up where you are standing so don't run around and keep moving. If your doing it the hard way shoot light arrows at the head or tail the rest of the body is untouchable. A quick note which i am kinda ashamed to admit do not venture off too far from the battle field as you will start out back at the top of the boss room and have to do the entire boss battle over again. Don't judge me i wanted to see what would happen. When they are both dead take the heart container, use the portal and the last giant will be freed


[edit] Majora

This boss has 3 phases and is a lot easier if you have the Feirce Diety's Mask. You don't need it though. Talk to the kid wearing Majora's Mask to start the battle. If you have the Fierce Diety's Mask then all you have to do is choose any random attacks you want after putting the mask on to defeat Majora in all of the forms. That is the incredible strength of the Fierce Diety's Mask. His sword does 4 times the dammage of the gilded sword and the blue magic it shoots out has the same burning effect as the light arrows. Hold the shield button during Majoras Wrath battle to avoid taking any dammage If you don't have mask then, read on.

Phase 1 The first phase of the battle is the Mask itself. To begin this start sending fins at the mask as a Zora. Eventually the mask will start attacking you, so change into Link and fire arrows at the mask while avoiding the attack. When the boss starts spewing fire at you, then bounce it off and back to the boss using the Mirror Shield.

Phase 2 Stay far away from this guy! He is fast, furious and he moon walks!!!!!. Instead, use regular arrows to attack, and when he falls run over to him and slash him, until he gets back up.

Phase 3 His main attacks are whipping you and sending spinning blades around the arena. Attack with Light Arrows, and when he falls do a charge attack with your sword. Eventually he will die, and you will have beaten the Final Boss.

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