Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

There are many bosses in A Link to the Past, and all of them provide their own unique experiences and challenges. This area will provide you with detailed information on each boss, and how to defeat them:


[edit] 1) Ball and Chain Trooper


  • The first boss in the game is not much of a challenge. You can defeat him using two ways, either by using your newly obtained Boomerang to stun him and then strike him with your sword, or by picking up the nearby pots in the room and throwing them at him. Either way, he should be defeated easily as long as you manage to avoid his powerful ball and chain, which he will swing around and throw at you throughout the battle.

[edit] 2) Armos Knights


  • The first dungeon boss is a bit tougher than the Ball and Chain Trooper, but can be defeated just as easily once you figure out how to defeat them. When you enter the boss chamber, you will be pitted against six Armos Knights, who will all move about the room frantically and unpredictably, often attacking in a group. To defeat them, use your Bow and Arrow and shoot three arrows into each of the Knights. The first five Knights can easily be defeated using this method, however, once there is only one Knight left, the last one will turn red and attack much more viciously and unpredictably. Continue to avoid it and keep firing arrows at it until the battle ends and the first pendant is yours. Also, as an alternative to using arrows, you can also use your sword. This method is a little less unsafe, as it can leaves you much more vulnerable to attacks, so I'd only recommend it as a last resort once you run out of arrows.

[edit] 3) Lanmolas


  • The three Lanmolas can be defeated by using sword attacks to their heads as they burrow in and out of the ground. I recommend using the spin attack, as it provides some distance and does more damage than a regular sword attack. Just be sure to avoid the Lanmolas themselves and the rocks they shoot out from the ground. When two of the three Lanmolas are defeated, the last one will begin shooting out more rocks when it surfaces from the ground. Just keep using the same attack method and use a little bit more caution when it comes up to eventually win the second pendant.

[edit] 4) Moldorm


  • Moldorm is definitely the hardest boss you have faced so far. He will attempt to use his attacks to knock you off the level down into the floor below. If this happens, simply return the same way you reached the boss floor first to resume the battle. To defeat Moldorm, use sword attacks on his tail. This is easier said then done, as it is very hard to land a direct hit on the tail with Moldorm moving and erratically around the platform. Try and time your attacks just right, as if you miss an attack on the tail and hit his body instead, you will be bounced backwards, usually resulting in falling off the platform or giving him the advantage. As the battle progresses, Moldorm will become faster, unpredictable, and harder to hit. Just keep timing your attacks right (spin attacks work well here too) and you should come out on top eventually.

[edit] 5) Agahnim


  • Agahnim is the final Light World boss. He can be easy to defeat if you are able to predict his attacks properly. Whenever Agahnim teleports to the back of the room and the center (directly ahead of the door), he will use a powerful lightning attack which spreads across the room. To evade this attack, get to the far left or right side of the room until it passes. He will never use this move in any other area of the room besides here, and he will never use any other move in that spot besides this one. Be prepared. To damage Agahnim, wait for him to shoot one of his large energy balls at you. Then, use the Master Sword or the Bug Catching Net to deflect the ball back at him, causing him damage. Repeat this process to defeat him. However, he has one other move. He tends to shoot a group of small energy balls at you all in one, large ball which is the same shape of the flashing energy balls you must deflect back at him. Avoid these, since they scatter once you hit the large ball and tend to cause you damage. After defeating Agahnim, the portal to the Dark World opens, and the real adventure begins!

[edit] 6) Helmasaur King


  • To defeat the Helmasaur King, the first Dark World boss, you have to begin by destroying his large mask. To do so, throw bombs at the mask as he moves around the room attacking you. Or, you can use the Magic Hammer to break away the mask piece by piece, although using the bombs is much safer. After the mask is destroyed (which takes a few hits from either method), the Helmasaur King will become vulnerable as his weak point is revealed - a large, green section of his head. To damage him, fire arrows in its weakpoint until he eventually dies. You can also use your sword here, but, as usual, it is more risky than the bow's long distance attacks.

[edit] 7) Arrghus


  • To defeat Arrghus, you first have to draw away the Arrghi, the small creatures surrounding Arrghus, away from him. To do this, use the Hookshot to pull away each Arrghi from Arrghus one by one, then use your sword to kill them. After all of the Arrghi are destroyed, Arrghus will begin flying up into the air and try and land on your head, and then bounce around the room for awhile before attempting it again. Avoid him, and use sword attacks until he is defeated.

[edit] 8) Mothula


  • Damaging and defeating Mothula is easy. However, the arena in which you face him is unbelievably frantic and dangerous. Keep an eye out in all directions, as you are literally surrounded by dangers and traps, including Mothula, who is threatening in his attacks as well. To hurt Mothula, use the Fire Rod. It's as simple as that. Just continue using the Fire Rod on him while keeping an eye out for traps and attacks until he is defeated. One valuable piece of advice in this battle is to take your time. It is much better to take your time and ration your attacks (as well as your Magic Meter) instead of rushing in and attacking as much as possible. Just take your time, avoid everything, and use the Fire Rod wisely and you should be fine.

[edit] 9) Blind the Thief


  • Like Mothula, this is another boss battle in which the main challenge is in the battle arena. As this battle progress, the arena becomes a lot more dangerous and requires much more caution. Again, just take your time and be careful in your attacks, and you should be fine. To damage Blind, simply attack his body with your sword. After hitting him three times, his head will fly off and float around the room shooting projectiles at him. A new head will grow on the body. Attack the body three more times to make that head float around the room as well with another head to replace it on the body. Another three hits will defeat Blind, but with the two heads flying around and the head on the body, it is pretty difficult to land those last few hits unless you're extremely careful.

[edit] 10) Kholdstare


  • When you first enter the boss arena, Kholdstare will be frozen in a block of ice. Avoid the ice blocks falling from the ceiling in the phase, and use the Fire Rod on the ice Kholdstare is encased in. After eight hits, the ice will melt, freeing Kholdstare. The boss immediately splits into three parts, and you must destroy all three parts to defeat Kholdstare. Continue using your Fire Rod (or, if you want, your sword) on each part to win the battle.

[edit] 11) Vitreous


  • Vitreous is protected by many small eyeballs who will attack you when the battle begins. In order to defeat Vitreous, you must first destroy the smaller eyeballs with your sword. This isn't that difficult, but keep an eye (pun intended) on Vitreous throughout this phase, as he often uses a lightning attack very similar to Agahnim's back at Hyrule Castle. After most of the eyeballs are destroyed, Vitreous will begin moving around. Just keep on hitting him with your sword to eventually win the battle.

[edit] 12) Trinexx


  • In his first phase, Trinexx will attack with two large heads coming out of his shell (the red and blue heads you see in the picture). In order to damage them, you must use the Fire Rod to stun the blue one and the Ice Rod to stun the red (you don't have to do them both at the same time, take your time). Once a head is stunned, run up and attack the stunned head with your sword. Only, hurry, as they don't remain stunned for long. Just continue this process until both heads are destroyed. Once both heads are destroyed, Trinexx's shell will explode, and the boss will transform into a large snake-like creature. You should quickly notice a flashing section on his body. That's his weakpoint. Use sword attacks on it and avoid his attacks and HIGHLY unpredicatble movements to eventually win.

[edit] 13) Agahnim


  • Agahnim is back! This battle isn't really much different than your first battle with him (even the room is the same), despite two changes. 1. He no longer uses his lightning attack. 2. He now has two, almost transparent clones that will attack you as well. When he shoots his energy ball at you (the kind you deflect back at him), only the real Agahnim can be damaged, and it is easy to tell them apart. When Agahnim begins the attack, just look for the more solid Agahnim, keeping an eye out for the fake Agahnim's attacks as well, and deflect the energy ball back at him the same way you did in the first battle. After a few times, Agahnim will be defeated.

[edit] 14) Ganon


  • When the final battle begins, Ganon will begin summoning fire bats to attack you. This is his only attack in this phase, although that doesn't make it any less dangerous. To damage him, use sword attacks, when he is spinning his weapon around summoning the bats. Be very careful here, as it is easy to take a lot of damage if you're not careful. After awhile, Ganon will jump, causing the tiles around the arena to fall. From now on in this battle, it is extremely important that you make sure to avoid the edge of the room. If you fall down, you will land in a lower level of the Pyramid of Power, and must go back up to the top and start the battle over. Once all the tiles are gone, Ganon will use a darkness attack to make the room go completely black. He will then begin moving about the room attacking you in the darkness. To damage Ganon now, you must first restore light into the room. Use the Fire Rod on the torches in the bottom right and left hand corner of the room to make the room light again temporarily. Once there is light in the room (and note: both torches MUST be lit), stun Ganon with a swing from your sword (he will turn blue as if frozen) use your bow to fire a Silver Arrow (which you got from taking the Super Bomb from the Bomb Shop (which is located where your house would be in the Light World, except in the Dark World) and using it on a crack in the wall at the Pyramid of Power and throwing your bow into the Fairy Fountain inside). A direct Silver Arrow hit will damage Ganon. Repeat this process of lighting the torches, stunning Ganon, and using a Silver Arrow to damage him three more times (four time altogether) to defeat Ganon. Congratulations, you've beaten A Link to the Past!

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