Bosses of Oracle of Ages

Compared to other bosses in The Legend of Zelda series, most of the Oracle of Ages bosses are fairly easy to defeat. The trick to doing so is in figuring out how to successfully damage them. This guide will offer you details on each of the game's bosses, and what you must do to defeat them.


[edit] Pumpkin Head

Oracle Of Ages Pumpkin Head.png

The first boss in the game is quite easy. To damage him, first slash his body with your sword. His (pumpkin) head will then be vulnerable. Pick it up, and throw it against the wall. A ghost will rise up from the pumpkin. Slash it as many times as you can, then repeat the entire process until you defeat the boss.

[edit] Head Thwomp

Oracle Of Ages Head Thwomp.png

The Head Thwomp can be either very easy or very difficult. This mainly relies on your defense/attack strategy. When the boss is attacking with one of its many fire based attacks, try and stay on the one of the two ladders located on both sides of the battlefield. To attack, climb to the top of the ladder (when the boss isn't attacking, and throw a bomb into its opening at the top of its head. When the bomb explodes, the boss's heads will spin around (it has four different colored heads). If it lands on red, it will take damage. Otherwise, it will use a different attack depending on which head it landed on. Once it lands on red the third time, the boss will be defeated.

[edit] Shadow Hag

Oracle Of Ages Shadow Hag.png

When the battle begins, the Shadow Hag will be in several seperate forms (shadows). It cannot be harmed in this form, so just avoid their attacks until they merge together as one. The boss will then send four moths to attack you. Kill them with your sword. Then, the boss will appear right behind you and begin to advance and attack. Do not directly look at the boss or attack it with your sword. Instead, use the Seed Shooter to bounce a seed off the wall you are facing and back at the boss. Repeat this process a few times to slay the Shadow Hag.

[edit] Eyesoar

Oracle Of Ages Eyesoar.png

A chance to put the Switch Hook to good use. Use it on each of the four small eyeballs surrounding Eyesoar, and then, once they are seperated, use your sword to defeat each one individually. Then, use your sword to attack the boss until it's defeated.

[edit] Smog

Oracle Of Ages Smog.png

Another easy boss. The four tiny Smogs can't be damaged, so use the Cane of Somaria to create blocks in between two of the Smogs' movement areas to cause them to crash into eachother, fusing into one. Fuse them all together using the same method to create one, giant Smog. Use sword attacks to defeat it.

[edit] Octogon

Oracle Of Ages Octogon.png

To damage the boss, simply avoid its many attacks and slash it with your sword or shoot him with you Seed Shooter. When the boss dives underwater, pursue it with the Mermaid Suit and continue avoiding its attacks and using your sword attacks until it is destroyed.

[edit] Nayru

Oracle Of Ages Nayru Possessed.png

Nayru has been possessed by Veran, and in order to damage this boss you must first draw out Veran's spirit. To do so, use your Seed Shooter to fire Mystery Seeds at Nayru. This will cause Nayru to be temporarily stunned, making Veran's spirit withdraw from the body and hover above it. Use your Switch Hook to swap places with the spirit, then attack it with your sword. Repeat this process until Nayru is freed from Veran for good.

[edit] Plasmarine

Oracle Of Ages Plasmarine.png

The Plasmarine is invulnerable to all item and weapon attacks (they only make him change from red to blue). To damage him, wait until he sends one of its large energy balls at you, then quickly use the Switch Hook on it to swap places with it, causing the boss to be hit by its own attack. Continue using this method until it is defeated. Plasmarine has two attacks: The energy balls and a close range electric shock.

[edit] Ramrock

Oracle Of Ages Ramrock.png

Ramrock has many different attack methods, and thusly, can be damaged many ways. When he shoots his hands at you, use your sword to deflect them back at him, and hit him. Do this three times and he will join his hands together and attempt to crush you with them, plant a bomb in between them to cause damage (three hits). When he puts up his barrier, use the Seed Shooter to deflect seeds off the wall near him and make them bounce and hit him in the back of the head (three hits). To avoid his laser attack in this form, just stay in the rightmost column in the arena (The one with the seed plant). Finally, when he attacks you with an iron ball, run up to him and grab the one he didn't use with your power gloves. Drag it as far out as it will go, and when he attacks you again, release. Do this three times and he will die.

[edit] Queen Ambi

Oracle Of Ages Queen Ambi Possessed.png

Very similar tothe battle against Nayru earlier, except this time Veran has possessed Queen Ambi instead, and has gained the ability to summon spiders. Fire Mystery Seeds at Ambi to stun her, then use the Switch Hook on Veran's spirit as it rises from the body. Attack it with your sword. Repeat the process until Ambi is free from Veran, and the battle with Veran truly begins!

[edit] Veran

Oracle Of Ages Veran Boss.png

Veran reveals her "true form" in this phase. Use sword attacks to damage her while evading her various attacks (including her main attack from the Ambi form) and the mirror links, who, as the name implies, will mirror your movements. The seed shooter also damages her, if you prefer to attack from a distance. After awhile, Veran will transform again.

note: Veran can cycle between the following three forms at random

[edit] Veran (Bee)

Oracle Of Ages Veran Bee.png

Veran can be pretty tough in this stage. Avoid her stinger by jumping, and use sword attacks to damage her. The bees that she sends to attack you can be destroyed for helpful hearts.

[edit] Veran (Spider)

Oracle Of Ages Veran Spider.png

Probably the toughest boss in the game, but still pretty easy. To damage Veran in this form, stun her first with a bomb explosion before attacking her with your sword. It takes precision, since the boss is very unpredictable, but just try and time your attacks properly and balance everything out to eventually defeat the boss or cause her to change form again.

[edit] Veran (Turtle)

Oracle Of Ages Veran Turtle.png

The easiest of Veran's three final transformations. Avoid the boss's attacks and strike Veran's head with your sword when it becomes visable. Continue this pattern until Veran changes or is defeated.

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