Hometown: Skyloft
Race: Demon
First Game Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Last Game Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Batreaux is a demon residing on the underside of Skyloft who Link encounters during the side mission The Lost Girl. At first Batreaux appears to be a frightening "demon" whom the town fears, but upon closer investigation, he is nothing more than a friendly creature whom longs for the admiration of the other residents of Skyloft and to live alongside them without scaring them away.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

After exploring the Skyview Temple, Link returns to the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft to reopen the entrance through the clouds to the area known as Eldin Volcano. Just after Link does this, Kukiel's mother Wryna pleads with Link to assist in finding her lost daughter. If Link has entered Kukiel's house before during night, one would notice the "Uncle Bat" and peculiar disappearances, hinting toward Batreaux's existence even before you meet him.

Looking into the disappearance of the girl, Link comes to find information to the whereabouts of a demon from Rusta at the popular Lumpy Pumpkin. He informs Link that a demon lives underneath the other residents of Skyloft, prompting Link to visit the Graveyard and slash at the tombstone closest to the oak tree, which in turn glows with a face resembling Batreaux while opening the nearby pen.

As Link enters he finds what looks to be a hulking monsters facing away from him. As he turns around, however, it is discovered that Bateaux has actually befriended Kukiel, and that the two were playing a game together to see who could shout the loudest. Link will discover his kindness towards Kukiel, a villager girl who sees Batreaux for who he truly is and is the first human not to shy away from his appearance. It is then that he asks Link if he could help him to become a normal human, which will require him to search across Skyloft and find what are known as Gratitude Crystals. These crystals are the material form of people's happiness, and Batreaux believes that by having a great many of them that he could then be transformed into a human: a wish that he has long desired. Due to his kind nature, he will give Link a reward for every ten he brings back to him.

After all eighty crystals have been given to Batreaux, he will undergo his transformation. Yet rather than a complete change in appearance, he maintains his original look despite his human forum. He takes Link's reaction of surprise to mean that he looks as amazing as he feels, however, and thanks Link for giving him his new life. Following his turning into a human, Batreaux may be found outside during the day at the Bazaar, where he may be close to as many other people as possible.

[edit] Personality

Despite Link's, as well as the residents of Skyloft, initial belief that Batreaux is a evil demon, he is a very nice and generous demon who only wishes to become friends with the people of Skyloft. He tells Link that he has tried numerous times to associate himself with those living on the surface of Skyloft but that they cower in fear before getting the chance to truly meet him. Thus driving him to the underside of Skyloft to live in solitude.

[edit] Appearance

Batreaux is a demon who, as his name might suggest, shares much of his physical appearance with bats. He has large wings which seem to have a bat-like print on them, as well as large horns and a face resembling that of a bat. He's quite tall and dresses rather plainly, which fits in with his lonely state of being.

Following his transformation into a human, he loses the wings and his horns are swapped for curls of red hair. Although he sheds his demon traits, he still looks quite similar to his previous form. Despite this, his new appearance is normal enough as to allow him to mingle amongst the other residents of Skyloft.

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