Arrow The arrows are Links second most basic weapon other than his sword. Arrows can be bought at most shops throughout any game but need to be used in conjunction with the bow which can be found in the first few dungeons. When you get the bow and arrows you automatically start with 30 arrows but can be upgraded once to 60 and once more to 90. The first "Legend of Zelda" game did not use arrows but instead used 1 rupee each time he fired a arrow. The arrows have been used countless times in Links adventures to solve puzzles and hitting objects or enemies from a safe distance. Starting with "Ocarina of Time" the arrows got elemental upgrades of Fire, Ice, and Light. The Light arrow has been used countless times to defeat Ganondorf or the main villain of the game dubbing the Light arrow one of the most powerful item in the game although if the player gets the item it will be near the end of the game they get them.

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